Betty Suarez/Daniel Meade

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Pairing: Betty Suarez/Daniel Meade
Alternative name(s): Detty
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Ugly Betty
Canonical?: Non-Canon
Prevalence: fandom OTP
Archives: Betty/Daniel(FFN)
Betty/Daniel (AO3)
Other: The Bachelor & The Butterfly
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Betty/Daniel is a non-canon het pairing of Betty Suarez and Daniel Meade from Ugly Betty fandom.


Betty becomes Daniel's assistant at Mode at the request of his father, Bradford to keep his son from sleeping with his assistants. Despite the lack will on Daniel's part at first at Betty's position, he realizes later that she was perfect for the job and grew to trust her. Both of them became more than just boss and assistant, and consider each other as best friends. Throughout the show, they've had both ups and downs as friends.

In the season finale, Daniel realizes that he has feelings for Betty which is why he hadn't wanted to go to London. In the end, he realizes he has to let her go. Later when Betty is in London, she meets Daniel in Trafalgar Square. Daniel apologizes for how they left off Betty before he asks Betty out to dinner. Betty jokingly offers him a position as her assistant and Daniel tells her that he might submit his resume (after Betty leaves Mode, he signs everything over to Wilhelmina which leaves him open to new challenges and the ability to start over).


Betty/Daniel is the most popular het pairing from Ugly Betty and is considered the fandom's OTP.

When the creator first stated that Daniel and Betty would never get together on the show, it caused a lot of the hardcore Daniel/Betty shippers to stop watching the show. However when the show was canceled, it ended with Daniel clearly in love with Betty, with Betty's feelings unclear. Still, most of the shippers were left with frustration with the show because Betty and Daniel never actually ended up getting together aka officially kiss (although it is hinted at in the last scene of the show of what happens in the future, where Daniel asks Betty out).[1] Silvio Horta reveals in an interview at the change of heart on Daniel/Betty:

"The core relationship of the show has always been Betty and Daniel. Whenever we got away from that, people felt the show suffered. The chemistry they have — whether someone can feel it as romantic chemistry or it's just a strong bond — is just palpable. It drove the show." [2]

The pairing is considered to be canonically shipped by Claire Meade in the show, due to her close relationship with Betty and how she knows how important Betty is to Daniel (and the fact that she was there for Daniel when he realized he loved her). By association, it could be considered that Bradford Meade could also ship them together due to his last words to Betty.[3] Other characters hint at how close their relationship is, and sometimes it gets in between their romantic relationships (such as Betty/Henry, Betty/Matt, and Daniel/Renee).

Popular Tropes and Storylines

  • Christmas fics are popular due to the first Season's Christmas episode which showed Daniel sharing his first real family Christmas with Betty's family. Other holidayfic is common too.
  • Pregnancy fics that deal with Betty getting pregnant which causes the two to finally admit their feelings for each other.
  • Marriage fics are quite popular for this pairing, usually with stories ending with them getting married.
  • Alternate Universe fics are quite popular, varying from different degrees away from canon. Mostly just shows different versions of how episodes could have went if Betty and Daniel got together or at least admitted that they liked the other. Other more pronounced AUs exist too.
  • Post-Finale/Post-Series fics have become popular since the ending of the show, usually set in London and how they both ended up meeting back up again.... and how they finally get together.




  • Swan Song by poeticgrace, In her death, Molly leads Daniel to where he always belonged.
  • That Night by BennuBird, rated Teen, After a night that almost--but not quite--crosses the line, Betty and Daniel's friendship is thrown into new and uncertain territory. If only relationships were spelled out in black and white!
  • Etheoreal by boidwriter, rated Teen, The last few missing scenes when Daniel meets up with Betty in London. What if Betty had taken Mrs. Meade's "theory" to heart?
  • Sudden Revelations by timeaftertime09, rated Teen, What could have developed between Daniel & Betty, if Daniel had turned to Betty about his issues with Tyler. (AU Season 4)
  • An Inconvenient Proposal by TMadison, rated Mature, Bradford's will leaves specific instructions about the future of the company and how it will affect Daniel and Alexis. (AU Set in Season 2)
  • Suspension by Yahtzee, rated general, What might have happened if Betty had made a very different decision - and how Daniel Meade might come into her life again. (AU Pilot)
  • The not so Long Goodbye by boidwriter, rated general, Takes place at the end of S4 Episode 11 "Back in Her Place". Betty tries to cope with breaking up with Matt, Daniel is there to lean on.
  • Sparks by timeaftertime09, rated Teen, One-shot set in July, months after Daniel follows Betty to London, yet they still aren't together. Written in the spirit of Independence Day. (Post-Series)
  • No Time Like the Present by cookie-dough, rated Teen, Set during "Million Dollar Smile", Daniel and Pretty Teeth!Betty might have been on to something. (Season 4)
  • Friends With Benefits by Yahtzee, rated Mature, AU starting from "The Bahamas Triangle." When Matt chooses Amanda, Daniel and Betty realize they don't have to remain alone. But can they really handle being just 'friends with benefits,' or does it get more complicated than that?
  • The Missing Piece by TMadison, rated Mature, Daniel Meade wants to prove that he can change into the man that Sofia wants him to be. Then, he finds out that his assistant Betty has been hiding a secret from him. (AU/Betty has a daughter)
  • When I Need You by cookie-dough, rated general, Takes place during 'Be-Shure' Daniel is there for Betty during her pregnancy scare. (Season 4)
  • Friendship Is The Key by spellwrite, rated general, AU from the 'Be-Shure' episode. What would have happened if Betty had realized she might be pregnant whilst she was at lunch with Daniel. How would Daniel have reacted? (Season 4)
  • Falling by TMadison, rated Mature, After Henry's departure from her life, Betty struggles to find her way back into the dating world. She just might need a little help from a friend. (Season 2)
  • Love Is Blind by TMadison, rated Mature, Betty made a mistake. Daniel made a mistake. As they attempt to make things right, they just make a bigger mess of things. When tragedy strikes, lives will be changed, possibly forever. (Season 3)




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