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You may be looking for The Beloved, a Mary Renault story by Laura Mason.

Title: Beloved
Circle: Ede & Loose
Doujinka: Tachibana Daichi[1] (たちばな大地) &
Yamazaki Asuna (山崎あすな)
Fandom: Gankutsuou
Date/s: 21 August 2005
Type: manga & novel
Size: B5, 32 pages
Language: Japanese
External Links: The Doujinshi & Manga Lexicon
Toranoana (とらのあな) (Japanese)
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Beloved is a Gankutsuou doujinshi by Ede and Loose. It features the Franz x Albert pairing and is "soft yaoi."[2] It contains both manga and text fanfiction.

One reviewer writes: "This one I'm very fond of. It's by [Ede] and thus the art is lovely. The story is short and sweet, about Franz giving Albert a haircut."[3]


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