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Name: JPQueen
Dates: ?-2009
Type: store
Fandom: various
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JPQueen was an online specialty site that sold anime and manga related merchandise, such as doujinshi, art books, figurines, novels, and CDs. Users could create wish lists and submit reviews of items. The site went down briefly (how long?) in the mid 2000s, and returned on a much smaller scale (dates?). It announced its permanent closure circa June 2009.[1] As of March 2011, the site was offline.

At its peak, JPQueen was a popular resource for fans, particularly those looking for doujinshi. Information such as artists, doujinshi circles, publication dates, and page numbers were included on the item's page, as well as pictures of the front and back cover and samples pages. Artists and circles were also linked, so a user could search by a doujinshi's creator as well as fandom.

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