Before Sunrise

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Sentinel Fanfiction
Title: Before Sunrise
Author(s): Mab Browne
Date(s): 2007
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Sentinel
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Before Sunrise is a Jim/Blair story by Mab Browne.

It was the winner of a Light My Fire Award.

Comments by the Author

I have kept all my feedback, something which recent posts in other communities assured me wasn’t that unusual. That enabled me to do a little statistical analysis, relating to my perception of the ideal TS story. The single story for which I have far and away received the most feedback (not counting WIP situations) is ‘Before Sunrise’. (Twenty four, including LJ comments, emails and miscellaneous recs) Which story of mine received nominations in the LMFAs this year? ‘Before Sunrise’. Which other story of mine at least got on to the nominations list? Cloudbusting. Which 2006 story of mine never even appeared on the nominations list, let alone the ballot? Cards on the Table. So by the only objective means of measurement I have, my most popular story is a quiet little case-story romance. Hmmm… [1]

Reactions and Reviews

Blair and Jim were having occasional, casual sex up to TSbyBS and thus the fallout hit a bit harder. A few years later, they run into each other again.

I am a huge sucker for lost friends/lovers finding each other again and this fic really hits that kink. Jim and Blair's burgeoning rediscovery of their friendship is lovely, as is Jim's perspective as he tries to get everything right this time. The characterization is great, the background casefile is interesting enough to keep the story running quickly, and even the flashbacks were fun to read (and normally I'm not a huge fan of flashbacks).

I will say that the first couple of sections are a bit slow, as the backstory is laid, but once you get past that point this is a wonderfully sweet story of rediscovering love.[2]
This was the winner of the 2007 Slash Case and Action award, and one of my favorite stories. There are lots of stories where Blair leaves Jim, and Cascade in a storm of angst post-TSbyBS, with an equally passionate reunion sometime later. But what I love about this story is the gradual sweet, slow way that process occurs. Two years after the press conference, Jim runs into Blair on a case. Fortunately Jim's done a little thinking in that time period.[3]


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