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Name: Light My Fire Awards, LMFA
Date(s): 2004 - 2009
Frequency: annual
Format: popular vote - nominations and final ballot
Type: online fanfic and fanart, websites
Associated Community:
Fandom: The Sentinel
URL: Light My Fire Awards
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The Light My Fire Awards began in 2004, "designed to honor outstanding Sentinel fanfiction, artwork, and websites available online."[1]

Nominations for eligible fanworks and sites took place each spring, in a number of categories divided by "class" (fiction, art, websites). After roughly four months for nominations, the LMFA committee would spend the summer tabulating results and checking eligibility. In the fall, a final ballot would be announced for people to vote on.

It was a long process; for the 2009 awards, for example, nominations opened on March 3, voting began on September 18th, and winners were announced on December 31 -- ten full months after the process began.

In January 2010, the LMFA committee sent a note to Sentinel fandom (both mailing lists and LJs) announcing the end of the awards:
It's with much sadness, but a lot of pride in what's been accomplished, that the Light My Fire Awards committee announce the closing of the awards.

For the last six years, the LMFA have been a way for the Sentinel fandom to highlight and showcase the best the fandom has to offer in the way of stories, art, vids, and resources. Hundreds -- thousands -- of fanworks have been nominated over the years and the fandom has voted to honor those it felt were worthy.[2]


(note: some of these categories were different in earlier years)[3]

  • Class: Sentinel Fanfiction
    • Divisions
    • Categories (grouped by type)
      • Drama
        • Angst (Rollercoaster Award)
        • Case & Action Adventure (Major Crime Award)
        • Dark Fic/Horror (David Lash Award)
      • Other Flavors
        • AU (Different Worlds Award)
        • Crossover (Foreign Exchange Award)
        • Humor (Warped Sense Award)
      • Canon-Based
        • Episode Related (Whole Truth Award)
        • Post-TSbyBS (Brass Ring Award)
      • Story Elements
      • Relationship Themes
        • Day in the Life Story (Loft Stories Award)
        • Hurt/Comfort (Frozen Peas Award)
        • Smarm (It's About Friendship Award) gen only
        • Non-J/B Pairing (Neighborhood Watch Award)
      • Slash-Specific Relationship Themes
        • Pre-Slash/First Time (Clue Bus Award)
        • Established Relationship (Old Married Award)
        • PWP (Plot? What Plot?) (Hot in Cascade Award)
        • Multipartner & Kink (Extra Sensual Pleasures Award)
      • Story
        • Short Story: 0 - 60k in size when converted to a text file.
        • Long Story: 60 - 200k in size when converted to a text file.
        • Novel: 200k and above when converted to a text file.
        • Series: Two or more interconnected or sequential stories.
        • Collaboration: Story or series written by two or more authors working together.
      • Author
        • New Author
        • Classic Author
        • Outstanding Author
  • Class: Sentinel Art
    • Divisions
      • Gen
      • Romantic or Erotic
    • Categories
      • Freehand Art
      • Computer-Generated Art
      • Best Overall
      • Songvid (Gen, Het, or Slash)
  • Class: Sentinel Websites (eliminated as of 2009)
    • Divisions
      • Design
      • Content
    • Categories
      • Information/Resource Site
      • Multiple Authors or Artists

"Committee Awards" were also possible, if the committee chose to give out a select award.

List of Winners

A list of nominees and winners can be found here.


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