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Synonym(s)Beehaw , Cowboy AU RWBY
Related tropes/genresYorse
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Beehaw is a Western trope in RWBY fandom. During the first weeks of the hiatus between volume 6 and 7, the Bumbleby fandom on Tumblr moved on from theorizing about Team RWBY's arrival at Atlas and instead theorized about Vacuo. Those wondering if Yang wear a cowboy outfit in Vacuo lead to the "beehaw" tag, which quickly became a mix of cowboy Yang and pirate Blake, though Blake was just as often given similar western attire to Yang. It spread to other RWBY communities outside of Tumblr, such as /r/RWBY.[1] When the volume 6 soundtrack was released with an acoustic version of "Armed and Ready", a song from Yang perspective used in volume 4, the beehaw tag returned. It has since become a staple within the fandom.

Some in the White Rose fandom also joined in by creating "Schneehaw" for Ruby and Weiss.

Beehaw further evolved into the "Yorse" meme, in which Yang was a centaur, though it would be more accurate to say it was a cursed meme. This was the turning point of which the volume 6 hiatus was considered cursed in general.



  • FIELDS OF GOLD. by RunePhoenix6769 - On the run from her abusive ex boyfriend, Blake takes off on a road trip across America only to have an unexpected encounter.
  • A Dangerous Kind of Love by JustClem - Yang is an outlaw. A fugitive. A troublemaker. And Blake, the sheriff who is supposed to put her behind bars, is hopelessly in love with her.