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Synonym(s)The Atlas Ball
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Atlas Ball is a trope in RWBY fandom. In the lead up to Volume 7 of RWBY, which takes place in Atlas, some came to expect an episode that would centre around a ball/dance/party similar to the Beacon Dance held in Volume 2.

It was discussed within the fandom during the off-season between Volume's 6 and 7[1][2] and both Bumbleby Week and Spice Cream Week featured "Atlas Ball" as one of their prompts in 2019, while Whiterose Week used "Ball/Dancing" for theirs. When the first episode of Volume 7 had Pietro Polendina mention building a pair of shoes that dance, many took this as foreshadowing an upcoming ball.

Ultimately no such ball took place in Volume 7 and the fandom quietly stopped talking about it, which in turn did not go unnoticed:

honestly i think our strongest moment as a fandom is when we just decided to completely stop talking about the atlas ball once the episode we thought it’d take place in was released. like we erased that whole debacle from our minds. did they dance? we don’t know… there was no episode that week. a ball? what is atlas? we’ve never talked about that?

\#LIKE THE HEADCANONS AND SHIT..... THEY JUST DROPPED #big silence in the atlas ball crowd #all you could hear was squeaky shoes #rwby[3]