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Name: BASCon 2002
Dates: November 1–3, 2002
Focus: slash
Founding Date:
cover of the 2002 program book
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The BASCon 2002 convention was held in South San Francisco on Nov 1-3, 2002. The convention chair was Alexis Rogers. The two charities that year were an LGBT youth organization called LYRIC and an animal rescue group called PAWS.

convention badge worn by one of the concom members

[Need more info: Art show? Programming? Vid show? How much raised during the charity drive?]


Notable Panels:

Panel Notes and Convention Reports

Vid Show

2002 Vid Show Playlist

The 2000-2003 BASCon vid shows were run by Stacey D.

Fandom Song Title Singer VIDEOIST
Highlander Hero's Tale Luminosity
Angel I Love LA Randy Newman Luminosity
Buffy Rebel Yell Billy Idol Luminoisty
I Spy I Would Die For You Jann Arden P.R. Zed
K/S Old Friends/Bookends Simon & Garfunkel P.R. Zed
Highlander They Can't Take That Away Danny DeVito Diana Williams
Sentinel Don't Let Me Get Me Pink Diana Williams
Highlander Immortality Bee Gees Diana Williams
Buffy Transparent Polychrome Laura Shapiro
XF Rook +4db Laura Shapiro
Buffy Some Fantastic Barenaked Ladies Laura Shapiro