As My Soul Remembers Yours

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Title: As My Soul Remembers Yours
Author(s): Hidden Relevance
Date(s): December 5, 2010
Length: 3,967 words
Genre: T (rating), Crossover, Soulmates AU, supernatural, angst, romance.
Fandom: Doom/Star Trek (2009)
External Links: FFN, Archived version

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As My Soul Remembers Yours is same-actor crossover fic of Karl Urban's Doom/Star Trek with the pairings of McCoy/Chapel and John Grimm/Samantha Grimm.


Mac once told him there was a legend that male and female twins are reincarnated lovers. After C24 John remembers far more than he's ever lived. Mostly he wishes he could forget that story.

Author Notes

So NaNoWriMo has finally released me and I was able to return to fanfic! This is a long overdue post for the contest at Reaper_Lives! over on LJ. The prompt was "I never knew it was you," and something about that kickstarted a concept that has been in my head a very long time regarding John and Sam and the rather squicky amount of chemistry they had considering they were supposed to be siblings. I will never be comfortable with incest or twincest, but really, it was impossible to counter after watching Doom. That said, I think I found a way to work the whole idea and make it work. Hopefully.
Besides, I totally agree with Seren23 that Rosamund Pike is the only person to play Christine Chapel. So there.

Comments & Reactions

"Hey, remember how Star Trek XI fan-casted Rosamund Pike as Christine Chapel because of Doom, and how Karl Urban had inappropriate chemistry at her because Sam was supposed to be his sister? Well, not only is this your "get out of shame free card!" paired with a "Reaper-as-Bones!" crossover, it's fantastically written, and also includes a "past life-soulmates!" bonus card."[1]


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