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Synonyms: Vampire!Hobbits
See also: The Hobbit (book), The Lord of the Rings-era Hobbit fandom, The Hobbit (film series), The Lord of the Rings [1]
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DND hobbit vampire character by star--strider (2017)

Anklebiter is a fannish term for a hobbit (or halfling) who is a vampire.


Anklebiter is a very small fandom that peaked in the early 2000s. It was mostly inspired by Peter Jackson's movie trilogy based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Vampire hobbits sometimes appear in other fandoms with canon hobbits or halflings too, but the term anklebiter seems to be exclusive to the Tolkien fandom.

Example Fics

Author's notes on Wake to Sleep:
Am I writing Vampire!Hobbits? Yes, I do believe I am. This little overnight fandom is quite addictive. I don't even remember where I stumbled upon the link that led me to 'Anklebiters,' ( [Dead link] for those of you who don't know...[4]) but vampy hobbits are like blood-sucking nicotine-- they latch on and you can't shake them off, not even with quantative doses of Nicorette. Pippin's love for squirrels comes from "The Care and Feeding of Young Hobbits" by James Walkswithwind. Evidently this whole mini-fandom is Olwen's fault. Blame her or her hubby, who made the comment about how hobbits should be on 'Angel.'

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