Analyzation Commentary of TOS for KS

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Title: Analyzation Commentary of TOS for KS
Creator: Brittany Diamond
Date(s): June 2009-?
Medium: online
Fandom: Star Trek
External Links: commentary posted for each episode as a seperate chapter on
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Analyzation Commentary of TOS for KS is meta commentary written by Brittany Diamond that uses analysis of episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series to support Kirk/Spock as a valid reading of the text. In addition to analyzing what appears onscreen in TOS, the commentary also uses quotes from Star Trek novels, Star Trek actors and writers, and Gene Roddenberry to support the idea that there may have been authorial intent behind the ship.

The episode by episode analysis reached Episode 2x15 Journey to Babel with the series last updated in June 2009.

TVTropes describe the Analyzation/Commentary and its connected videoblog The Ship’s Closet as follows:

"The premise of the show is “A Logical Discussion of Kirk/Spock”. The host, Brittany Diamond, is the author of the well-known Analyzation/Commentary, an analysis of every episode of the series with Slash Goggles firmly in place, and the show is essentially an extension of the analyzation. Unlike most yaoi fangirls, however, Brittany makes a point of having evidence for every point she makes. Instead of saying, “How can you not see it!?!??!eleventyone!?!?!?!?!,” she splices the relevant clips into her show and dissects motives, thought processes, and physical and verbal expressions. With training as an actress, she can also refer to the choices the actors must have made to produce those expressions and look at every scene with both a director’s and actor’s eyes."[1]

The Ship's Closet videos can be seen here.

Author's Introduction

"Everything You Need to Know Before Reading On (and some random points about this project)

So what's the point of all this? Why am I analyzing and commenting on every episode of The Original Series? Well for one thing I like analyzing movies/tv that need it, I find it fun. And secondly, I'm a very firm believer in Kirk/Spock and I believe that there is more than enough evidence to support this. This is my attempt at compiling all of the evidence in TOS into one place.

NO, I will not be twisting events in TOS to suit my case of Kirk/Spock. I've found that a lot of people do this, and it hurts our case more than helps it. I will not look at a perfectly normal scene between the two and scream "SEE, RIGHT THERE, THAT WAS TOTALLY A MOMENT OF HOTNESS OMG LULZ." There's enough real evidence that supports K/S that I don't have to make any up. I don't like the idea of Kirk and Spock and make up evidence, I like the idea of Kirk and Spock because of the evidence.

I also won't ignore evidence that challenges K/S, as many people seem to do. Everything that's canon will get it's due attention, which is why I'm analyzing ALL of the episodes.

This will also be of great help to the K/S fan who gets into one of those pesky debates with a non K/S fan. All of the evidence will be right here at their disposal. XD

Oh yeah, and this is meant to be fun for the reader. I'm not taking this project as 100% hardcore, must-be-serious-at-all-times kind of thing, hence the 'commentary' aspect. I am fully capable of poking lovingly at the series when it deserves it. We are talking about a science fiction tv show from the 60s, hilarity is inevitable.


The truth is in the analyzation, the humor is in the commentary.

I will go through all of the episodes in their entirety. This is so that people don't get lost in what's going on. I won't go into uber detail about every single little thing, but I'm not gonna leave gaps in the story either. Yay for balance.

Also, before anyone comments about how I'm reading too much into things: No, I'm not. Actually, if anything, I won't be going into enough detail. WHen it comes to good writing and acting, a LOT of thought goes into it. Neither endeavor is something that's just thrown down. Every little thing is considered and thought out. Most of the time it's things the audience would never pick up on, but need to be figured out anyway. I'm tired of hearing the "Pssh, you're just nitpicking to find shit." I'm not. And who has to nitpick? Us K/Sers are up to our eyes in evidence over here. Nitpicking is hardly neccesary.

What exactly makes me so darn special as to do all of this? Well I'm an actress for one, and a writer for second, which means I have not only studied what it takes for an actor to approach a role, but what a writer must do to create a character. Since the stuff we're dealing with here comes down to actors and the text itself, I figure that I've got a bit of a headstart. No, I'm not saying I'm the greatest actor and/or writer of all time, that would be ridiculous. Also, you don't have to be the best actor or writer on the planet in order to analyze.

Now with all of the boring stuff out of the way, let's get down to the good stuff: Kirk and Spock's character study and undeniable (yeah that's right, I said UNDENIABLE and I can prove it) sexual tension. I say that Kirk and Spock had NUMEROUS moments of flirting and all out tension of both a ROMANTIC and SEXUAL nature. And it's not just in between the lines with subtext and telling looks, it's right there in the TEXT itself. It's canon. As I will explain..."[2]

Sample Scorepoints

Each episode commentary ends with a "score" of how many times common events appear. As the analysis progressed over time, more and more score categories were added, so that by the time the episode Journey to Babel is reached, the list is quite long.[3]

  • Random Crewman Body Count - 22
  • Times Kirk rips/loses/has no shirt – 13
  • Times Spock is injured – 7
  • Times Kirk Kissed a Woman While Driven By an Ulterior Motive/Controlled by Other Force – 6
  • Times Kirk outsmarts computer – 5
  • Times the Ship is Taken Over/Hostage – 5
  • Times the Transporter Breaks/Malfunctions – 4
  • Times Kirk completely ignores/resists a pretty woman when he has no 'reason' to – 4
  • Kirk Taken Hostage/Prisoner – 4
  • Kirk and/or Company Play Dress Up to Fit in with Their Surroundings – 4
  • Times god-like being is featured – 3
  • Time Travel is Featured/Discovered – 3
  • Times Kirk is injured – 4
  • Times a disease threatens the crew – 3
  • Times Immortality is Found – 3
  • Times Kirk Honestly Kissed a Woman – 2.5
  • Times Spock uses the Vulcan salute– 4
  • Times Someone Says 'Live Long and Prosper' – 2
  • Times Kirk is put in a ridiculous machine – 2
  • Times an Alternate/Parallel Universe is Featured – 2
  • Times they land on an "Earth-like" planet – 2
  • Times Kirk "Dies" – 1
  • Times Kirk offers himself instead of crew/ship – 1

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Artist depiction of Brittany Diamond. The artist, WrongSideOfThePond, writes: "This is Brittany Diamond, the brilliant and hilarious host of The Ship's Closet and author of Analyzation/Commentary of TOS for KS. Uh. Yeah. She's much prettier and more human-looking than this picture makes her look. Ignore the hands and the arms please... *headdesk* Also, that's a badly-drawn note card she's holding, not an even-more-badly-drawn dollar bill."
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"Found a fanfic that is actually analizing the entire series, looking for proof of the K/S pairing, and doing quite a good job of it...It is called Analyzation Commentary of TOS for KS, (TOS meaning The Original Series and KS meaning Kirk/Spock) by Brittany Diamond. She is amazing. Go read it. Now. Not only does she look for evidence of K/S, she also keeps a running tally on all the cliché plot devices that BEGAN with TOS, as well as many of the funny/strange happenings throughout the series. She is about halfway through the second season right now, and while it takes a quite a bit of time for her to update, it is well worth the wait."[5]
"KIRK. SPOCK. LEG.” - The Immortal Words of Brittney Diamond, Amok Time Chapter of Analyzation Commentary of TOS for KS."[6]
" I ship Spirk. Spock/Kirk. Star Trek. One of the first popular m/m ships in modern American fandom. It’s not like most of my “non-canon” ships, where I enjoy it without ever really believing that it could be true in the show. I do honestly believe that the writers - especially Gene Roddenberry and a few others - were trying to sneak a legitimate romantic and/or sexual relationship, or the potential for one, past the censors of the sixties. If you think I’m making stuff up to fangirl over, I urge you to watch The Ship’s Closet and/or read Analyzation/Commentary of TOS for KS, both put together by Brittany Diamond. She makes several well-reasoned arguments that I don’t have time to revisit here."[7]
"Analyzation of "Amok Time" by Brittany Diamond. So basically: This chick rocks. And you should read all of her episode summaries, but “Amok Time” is obviously where she shines. Seriously, after this episode, how is K/S not acknowledged canon, again?"[8]


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