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Pairing: Alice/Hatter
Alternative name(s): Alice/David
Gender category: het
Fandom: Alice (2009)
Canonical?: yes
Prevalence: primary/popular, fandom OTP
Other: Alice/Mad Hatter
Alice/Hatter banner by dhfreak.
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Alice/Hatter is a main canonical pairing in the 2009 miniseries Alice and a primary het ship in the fandom.


Alice first meets Hatter at his tea shop[1] soon after she arrives in Wonderland, where Hatter tells her that he could help her and he's a friend. Hatter helps Alice with her fear of heights[2]. He takes her to see Dodo, a resistance member, but his original plan of trading Alice and the stone of Wonderland goes wrong. Alice and Hatter escape when Dodo tries to kill her, and from there they reach the forest where they escape a jabberwock and meet Charlie, a surviving White Knight.

After Alice allows herself to be captured by Mad March and learning that her father is alive, she is tortured by Doctors Dum and Dee in order to give up where she hid the Stone of Wonderland. Hatter and Charlie rescue her from the mind torture. In hopes of aiding the resistance and returning Alice home, Hatter uses his connections to find someone who can bring them to Caterpillar, leader of the resistance. Alice and Hatter almost kiss[3], however Jack Heart interrupts them and tells them he will take Alice to Caterpillar alone. Alice goes with him, but Hatter follows behind them to make sure Alice is safe. However she gets recaptured by the Mad March and the Suits.

After being tortured by Dr. Dum and Dee, Hatter kills Mad March and escapes. Alice escapes again, and Hatter joins her to help snap the Oysters out of their sedations and rally them to escape. After the Queen surrenders the Stone of Wonderland to Alice, Jack Heart sends Alice home, but not before offering her marriage and to be Wonderland's new queen. Alice refuses, since she doesn't return his feelings, having fallen for Hatter. Hatter having seen Alice and Jack hug goodbye, encourages Alice to return home.

Alice returns home, she wakes up in a hospital and she learns her experience may have been a dream; she had been found unconscious an hour after chasing Jack. However, the next day she discovers the "construction worker" named David who found her was the Hatter. The two share a passionate kiss in front of a looking glass, as Alice's mother, Carol, stares in shock[4].


Alice/Hatter immediately appeared within the Alice (2009) fandom, which when the series first aired was prominently on LiveJournal and Two LJ communities were created the same day as the first episode of the miniseries aired, December 7, 2009, alicehatter (the main Alice/Hatter shipping community[5]) and alice_hatter[6].

The first fanfic that focused on the Alice/Hatter pairing was Of Legend by randombattlecry to new_wonderland LJ community on December 7. More fanfiction appeared within the first few days of the start of the fandom and continues onto the present, although the last few years have lessoned in content as the fandom activity does. Fanfiction of the pairing appeared on the Alice/Hatter focused LJ communities, but also the general communities such as new_wonderland and alice_fic, as well as and, starting in 2011, Archive of Our Own.

Other Fanworks such as fanart, fanvideos, and icons appeared just as fast on LiveJournal, DeviantART, and YouTube. Fandom eventually reached Tumblr by the end of December 2009, although the pairing tags has since been used for other versions of Alice/Mad Hatter.

The pairing quickly became the most popular pairing within the fandom. Alice/Hatter continues to be the primary appearing that still appears within the fandom.

Common Tropes and Fanon

  • Post-Canon and Futurefics - fics happening after the end of the series, often set in the "real world" or Alice and Hatter returning to Wonderland.
  • Names - With Hatter being called "David" in real world, some fics explore that, sometimes going into other names, setting them as significant to the relationship.
  • Lemons - since the miniseries kept their relationship PG for the most part, many fic writers often explore Alice and Hatter's possible first time and other sexual activities.





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