Of Tea And Chess

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Title: Of Tea And Chess
Author(s): teaandchess
Date(s): January 10 - April 7, 2010
Length: 245,869 words (48 chapters)
Genre: adventure/action, fantasy, romance, Epic, Rated M
Fandom: Alice (2009)
External Links: Fanfiction.net URL

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Of Tea and Chess is a het fantasy adventure/action romance epic fic by teaandchess. It is the first of fanfic in the trilogy, Games of Wonderland. The sequel, Wild Cards & Gambits, was published on October 5, 2010 and was completed June 30, 2011. The second sequel, Illusions & Destinies, was published July 16, 2011 and was completed October 28, 2012.

As of April 28, 2018 on Fanfiction.net the fanfic has 462 reviews and 294 favorites.

The main pairing is Alice/Hatter, however Jack/Duchess is the secondary pairing.


A Tea Party, Addictions, a Chess Game in extreme, and the value of Tea. Aka, Alice & Hatter travel back to Wonderland for seemingly innocent reasons.


Alice & Hatter travel back to Wonderland for innocent reasons and discover that there is no such thing as coincidence.

Comments & Reviews

"Possibly the best fic to come out of this fandom, and honestly an incredible Alice story all on its own. This is the story I always come back to years later when I want another magical adventure through Wonderland."[1]

"I can't tell you how much I loved your story! The characters were really well written and likeable (even Alice who I wasnt particularly fond of in the series). The back stories and plot line were really well fleshed out and flowed smoothly. I started reading for Hatter (yeah Hatter!) but I even got into the story lines for other characters that I didn't think I cared very much about before you story. I wish they could make this the offical sequel to the series! Thank you sooooooo much for the experience!"[2]

"Wow. That was beautiful and epic. I loved everything about it. I loved reading all your authors notes and seeing all the wonderful thought and analysis that went into this piece if work. Now I will scour your other works for equally great literature.

I'm sorry if this review is scattered, I'm writing this on an iPhone after having read this story for a month now.

I loved each and every character you created, especially Chesh. To have a character be introduced and grow before your eyes is truly magical. I liked your interpretation of him as a "fair weather ally." also, all the scenes in the Taiga eere fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment you used a chess term to describe the plot. Genius.

One thing I'm sad about is the unfinished story between jack and Amelia. I grew to really admire and respect her from the beginning and want her to have a happy end too.

Am I forgetting anything? I think not. Please continue to write. You have obvious talent and, above all, passion.

Thank you for this beautiful work. From now on, this is my canon."[3]

"Oh... my. Every once in a while, you run across a story that's so well-written you almost can't believe it's fanfic. This was one of those stories. Your plot fit so seamlessly into the established canon, and worked so well within the universe, that I swear this would make a more than worthy sequel to the original material. I love how intricate your plot was, and how amazingly well-developed your characters were. I also love how utterly evil you were; you didn't spare your characters any pain, and it was brilliant watching them fight against it all. I love absolutely everything about this story, and I can't wait to read the sequel."[4]

"I have no words to describe the amazingness of this story. I had to read it in chunks around my days off and all day at work I'd be thinking about my next day off so I could keep reading. There are just so many things about this I loved...where to start? Well, with the very best thing of course...Hatter. I LOVE Hatter in this version of AIW (as in all versions; he's my favorite character) and your story gave him such a depth that they couldn't explore in the movie because it would have made it forever long (not that I'd've minded). All the things you added that seemed to fit so well in the universe, such as Alice's glow and all about Hatter's family and his right hand and the strategy and politics and the Taiga and how all the characters became representatives of chess pieces, was amazing and I actually forgot what was added and what was actually part of the original storyline.(Run-on sentence, AGHH!) I can't play, but I've always been fascinated by it. To make a very long involved review short, I loved every single inch of this epically long story and really wish I could just keep reading and reading. But, all great things must end, and so must this review. Off to make a relaxing tea!"[5]

"Absolutely Riveting! You wove quite a spell with Alice and Hatter and their epic Wonderland adventure. Truly, you are an amazing writer! This story captured me so completely that I have been late to work on some occasions and late getting to bed on others – just trying to get in one more chapter (only had small chunks of time to read). it was incredibly intricate, spell binding, and delightful. I really wanted to comment after every chapter, but 48 comments in a row from me would put anyone over the edge.

I can not possibly do justice to a grand review with my own small words. However, when I read the review by Nfinity, it basically said everything I had on my mind (Thank you N!).

I do want to say that your Alice and Hatter love was quite delicious! The tension, humor and growing passion for each other and the *ahem* “M” rated chapters were so vivid they made my glasses fog up - whoa! Totally awesome smut!

Lastly, I am so sad that the story had to end. The last few chapters were heartbreaking. Many tissues were used to dry my eyes and nose. My poor husband must have thought I was nuts, crying in front of the computer. This fanfic has lingered in my mind and I am not ready to let go. I think I need to read it again. Thank you! I will continue to look for more from you, since you have proven to be a fabulous writer!"[6]



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