Snuggle Bunny

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Title: Snuggle Bunny
Author(s): Kanga_Rue
Date(s): Dec. 15th, 2009
Length: 935 words
Genre: fluff
Fandom: Alice (2009)
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Snuggle Bunny is a Alice/Hatter fluff fic by Kanga_Rue


Alice hates pet names.

Reactions and Reviews

It's a nice way to show that even things we hate can be loved when it comes from someone you love.[1]

I flailed. Happily. Exuberantly, even.

Perhaps Alice has issues with the shmoopy nicknames, but since Hatter's are not shmoopy, but in fact adorable, she will abide them. (Fun fact: when I was little 'un, my mum used to call me snuggle bunny. Too cute.)

I love, love, love this line: "...Alice finally snapped and flew at him, fists and ponytail flying every which way like the prepubescent hurricane of fury she was." It's so perfect.

I love the whole tone of this piece, and I definitely encourage the series of one-shots thing. I definitely encourage it, indeed.[2]

Aww this is adorable! Tiny tinsie is my hands down favorite, and I can so see Hatter slipping in nicknames without her it[3]

They're so CUTE! This fandom is really wreaking havoc on my normally hard-line insistence on life-is-miserable fic. The two of them are JUST SO FREAKING ADORABLE that I should just give up and start wearing pink.[4]

Adorable! Abso-freaking-lutely adorable! I can just see him calling her all sorts of ridiculous names and her not really noticing or caring. Hatter is BRILLIANT![5]


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