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Name: Alassenya
Alias(es): User:Alassenya
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: LOTR, HP
URL: Geocities site (archived on Wayback), on DW, on LJ, at AO3
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Alassenya is a fan involved in the Lord of the Rings, Stargate: Atlantis and Hawaii Five-0 fandoms. Her fiction is hosted at AO3.


Alassenya's Updates Page

Although a long-term reader of science fiction and fantasy, and a fervant fan of the original Star Wars films, she didn't become active in fandom until she saw "The Two Towers". After a few months of reading elfslash she wrote a story of her own, entitled "Hot Summer Nights" (now chapter two of "Pride, Passion and Prejudice") which was posted to the Library of Moria under the pen-name Tar-Ohtarwen.

After changing her pen-name to Alassenya, she posted to various Yahoo groups and opened a GeoCities site, where Feasts, Feuds and Frolics, her first multi-chapter piece, was posted in 2004. Subsequent works were first posted to LiveJournal and then uploaded to the website on completion. In 2009 the site became part of OTW's GeoCities Rescue Project.

Alassenya's Links and Recommendations Page

Alassenya maintained a links and recs page on her GeoCities site. Most links are from early 2004; the page was last updated in August 2006 with a note that many of the links were no longer active (as of 2013, almost all the author links are dead). Links included:

Multi-Authored FanficArchives

  • Galadhrim "Originally a Haldir site, it has expanded to include all elfslash.
  • Ithilas Home of the amazing AC ("The Folly of Starlight"), Emma Keigh, Maggie Honeybite and Helmboy."
  • Least Expected "The original Tolkien Slash site. The website is currently down, but you can find the stories at the Yahoo Groups list"
  • Library of Moria "Comprehensive but unmoderated LOTR slash site, now also accepting RPS (in a separate section). No advertising, so your donations are appreciated. Follow the link to Parley for POTC slash."
  • Melethryn Archive "A good site for elfslash, with a few men thrown in. Some of my favourite authors here are Dayast Joy, Elfscribe and Cheyenne Dancer."
  • West of the Moon "For pervy hobbit fanciers everywhere. Very high quality stories, including authors Elanor Gardner, Bill the Pony and & Elderberry Wine (as well as some others listed below)."

Links: Fanfic Authors

Alassenya's Fiction Page
  • Amazing Creatures "Teasel's site, including the wonderful "Frodo Hill" (written in 18th century epistolary style) and "Lying in Bed: Better Grammar Through Pornography #1". Why wasn't English this much fun when I was at school?"
  • Dimensions of Dhvana "Another Yahoo group. Ignore the messages and go to Dhvana's stories in the Files section. Home of the only RPS I've ever been able to read without gagging ("Elfstruck")."
  • House Of Hobbits "For Lobelia Sackville-Baggins' excellent hobbit fics (including the outstanding WIP "The Code of the Brandybucks" for those who like P G Wodehouse)"
  • Implacida "For the best Haldir story ever written. Get through the first chapter - it's worth it."
  • Incandescent "Trinity Helix's site with fiction, image gallery and desktops, plus a dedicated Haldir subsite: Forgotten Hero"
  • Kalimac (GeoCities page) "Sunhawk's Merry/Pippin site. Check out the modern-day Philadelphia stories, starting with "Spin It Right Round".
  • Love and Mithril "Anand's site full of naughty elves and Undetectable Preservative, strongly influenced by the Mahabharata. Personally, I think the toad needs a dedicated series... "
  • Morrowdim Menel's Live Journal. "Look for "In Your Image", where Legolas finds love at last with Eldarion. "
  • Sweet Sorcery "Deanna's stories - all short but very good. My favourite is "White Magick" (Haldir/Eomer)"
  • Tales From the Vale "Ilye's site for Imladris-based elfslash (including the "Kindred Spirits" trilogy)"
  • The History of Us "Daisy Gamgee's site for "The History of Us" and other delicious Merry/Pippin tales"
  • Tricia "Great stories including "Unbecoming An Elf" & "Challenge Accepted"."
  • Undomiel's Haven "Not many fics but very high quality. "A New Experience" and "Longing" feature Haldir."
  • Willow-Wode "Features the novel-length Frodo fics "Rites of Passage 1: The Hall", and "Rites of Passage 2: Bag End", with part three "Rivers and Smials" in progress."

Links: Images

  • The Theban Band "For the best LOTR pictures ever. And you can buy hard copies!"
  • Menegroth "For illustrations by Nellas of Doriath. This is a forwarding link to wherever her site is hosted at the moment."