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Name: Willow-wode
Type: fan artist & fan writer
Fandoms: LOTR
URL: WayBack Archive link to fan fiction and artwork & Fan Fiction.Net
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Willow-wode began in Star Trek fandom in the 1990s. After taking a break she began writing and illustrating for LOTR slash and gen fanzines. Both her fan fiction and fan art have won awards.

Awards/Notable Work

Vilya I:

  • Winner of Huggy Awards 2003, Best SF/Fantasy Anthology Zine and Best Story, "Pipe Dreams" by Willow-wode

Vilya II:

  • Winner of 2005 Sizzler Awards, Best Story--"Symbiosis" by Willow-wode.
  • Winner of Huggy Awards 2005, Best SF/Fantasy Anthology Zine and Best Story, "Symbiosis" by Willow-wode.
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