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Title: a reylo fic
Author(s): treezie
Date(s): December 19, 2015
Length: 12 words
Genre: Troll fic
Fandom: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
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a reylo fic by treezie is, according to the summary, a "short rey/kylo fic :)" that was written immediately following the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The work consists of only two sentences:

rey picks up kylo and dunks him into the garbage. fucking obliterated

The Author's notes read, "rey is a lesbian and this ship fucking sux". The original tags were "U kno this is a bad ship bc of the, Incest, and general badstuff right". In 2019, after it had become clear in The Last Jedi that Rey and Kylo were not related, the tags were changed[1] to "stan loona", a tongue-in-cheek phrase associated with K-pop fandom and K-Pop Stan Twitter, and "#ReleaseTheRianJohnsonCut" a hashtag popularized by Star Wars/TLJ fans who had been unhappy with The Rise of Skywalker.

This work has been described as trolling and the work of antis, but it also got significant positive feedback—as of July 2020, a reylo fic remains the fic with the highest kudos count in the tags "Star Wars - All Media Types" and "Star Wars Sequel Trilogy". It has almost twice the number of kudos as the fic with the next highest count, a Reylo series titled Landscape with a blur of conquerors. The comment counts on a reylo fic are distorted by responses to other users' comments by one user (ReyloIsCanon2019).

Its seeming popularity has fed into discussions about the metrics used to rank fanfics on AO3, as treezie's fic quickly became the most kudosed TFA work on the platform. As of March 2016, a reylo fic had the most kudos, while Have you heard was the most bookmarked fic, and Interstellar Transmissions had the most hits and comments,[2] indicating that a reylo fic received a large amount of casual support, but fans were not as invested in and engaged with genuine, non-trolling fanfics.[citation needed]

The comments section was filled with porny fic snippets, of Reylo and various other ships alike.

It was podficced by TheLordOfLaMancha for Voiceteam 2020's "weird science" challenge.[3]

Reactions and Reviews

Many fans viewed this work as been indicative of anti shipping practises.

There were eight fics in the Reylo tag when the twelve-word anti-Reylo trollfic (now the most kudos-ed fic in the fandom) was posted. It wasn’t in response to Reylo’s popularity, it was a slam at the existence of unrighteous ships.[4]
Antis don’t contribute to the fandom.”

I think you’re forgetting what the most kudo’d Star Wars fic is.[5]

Like, treezie wrote 12 words as a fake fic, and it became iconic: to the antis for obvious reasons, and to shippers for actually being amusing.[6]

On the Fansplaining podcast episode Fansplaining: Camp Austen, a reylo fic got a mention when discussing reading fic by trope and if there was a right way to read fics. Flourish highlighted issues around using kudos to find fics, with reference to the most kudosed fic in the Star Trek: Voyager fandom, a Voyager AU with Teen Wolf characters that is not representative of the fandom. Elizabeth countered by reminding Flourish of the most kudosed fic in her current fandom.

ELM: Yeah well, the most kudosed fic in your fandom is the one sentence “Throw Kylo in the garbage can” one, so.

FK: Yeah, but I give, you know…

ELM: You just like that top tier burn? They went in, they did it.

FK: It’s just such a good burn. I can’t even be mad. It’s such a good burn. [laughing] God bless you, treezie.[7]


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