Have you heard (Star Wars story)

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Title: have you heard
Author(s): peradi
Date(s): 2016
Length: 42166
Genre: Slash, Poly
Fandom: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
External Links: Ao3 Link

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have you heard is a Star Wars sequel trilogy fanfiction written by peradi. The fic paired Finn/Poe but focused more on how revolution spread through the ranks of the Stormtroopers following FN-2187's defection. Originally posted as a oneshot the author added additional chapters, due to popular demand. In later chapters, the pairing of Finn/Poe/Rey appeared.

"I heard FN-2187 was a Stormtrooper."
Finn sparks a revolution.

This work was inspired by Tomorrow (there'll be more of us) by dimircharmer, which in turn was inspired by LullabyKnell's The Story of Finn.

Reactions and Reviews

There is this fic called have you heard by peradi on AO3. It was published TODAY and there are close to 900 kudos on it. It focuses on how Finn is the start of the revolution.[1]
In honor of the new Star Wars trailer released this week, I went hunting for a good StormPilot fic, and I was not disappointed when I found this piece. The first fic in a 53k word series, this narrative flows so well and tells the tragic story of the rebellious Stormtrooper–a nameless entity wearing a white suit who may or may not have hopes of freedom. I teared up AND got chills as I read this very unique take on the Resistance and the psyche of the Stormtrooper. The StormPilot is secondary–more established relationship than anything–so if you’re looking for smut, this isn’t the fic for that. Still, it’s an enjoyable and engaging read that has me excited to read the next 2 pieces in this series.[2]
have you heard by peradi, which I have to rec even though you definitely already know it, because STORMTROOPER REVOLUTION and STORYTELLING and COMPLICATED POLITICAL TENSIONS and GODDAMN PHASMA. And also Ben, who makes the exact wrong choice in the exact right way, and made my heart hurt so good. And FINN, who isn’t sure when he became Jesus, exactly, but he’s willing to roll with it if it helps. [3]


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