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Title: Priority A-3
Publisher: IDP Press
Editor(s): Dana Jeanne Norris
Date(s): 1999-2001
Medium: print
Fandom: The Professionals
Language: English
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Priority A-3 is a Professionals slash hurt/comfort anthology.

Artwork by Joey Rodrigues and has been uploaded to Fanlore with the artist's permission.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Priority A-3! has 149 pages and was published January 1999. All of the art is by Joey.

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[zine]: This is an anthology hurt/comfort zine, with most of the stories involving Doyle as the hurtee and Bodie as the comforter. Since this is one of my kinks, it is right up my alley. All of the stories are competently and sometimes even very well written. The artwork consists of black and white line drawings and computer graphics by Joey. They are simple but rather nice. I greatly enjoyed this zine and recommend it if you like a hurt/sick Doyle and a protective/comforting Bodie. [See this fan's comments on the individual stories on their pages at Fanlore.] [1]

Issue 2

More Priority A-3 was published July 2000 and contains 180 pages. Artwork by Joey.

cover of issue #2

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Issue 3

A Third Priority A-3 has 125 pages and was published October 2001. Interior art by Joey Rodrigues.

  • Soul Survivor by Lizzie ("I expect to be bought an ice-cream if we're going down to Kent at the weekend." Bodie grumbled, setting himself in the front seat. "Strawberry-and there'd better be a flake in it too." "It's winter. No-one eats ice-cream in the winter, Bodie.") (3)
cover of issue #3
  • The Trunk in the Attic by Tavaran ("Come on, Doyle, if you drink any more of that coffee you'll be on the ceiling all day." Bodie's voice cut through the fug in the rest-room, sounding offensively cheerful at this hour of the morning. "Coming." Doyle frowned at the dregs in his mug, then with a sigh he scraped back his chair and mooched out into the corridor. He could see the twinkle in Bodie's eyes as soon as he got through the door.) (21)
  • Glenmorangie by The Hag ("Flaked out on your sofa, mate." Murphy was drinking tea, eating toast. "Ray awake?" He poured tea for Bodie. "Yeah. Ta." Bodie sat down and drank gratefully. Murphy gazed at him with intense interest. "You get anywhere?" " What ?" "Didn't think you would. Pissed as newts, both of you. Terminal brewer's droop.") (first published in Discovered in a Letterbox) (33)
  • Lost in the Feeling by Maiden Wyoming - 6 pages (He dropped below the surface once more, struggling with the leg. Something in the mechanism of the canal's lock had shifted, grabbing him from knee to foot, effectively pinning him for eventual drowning. Near as he could tell, nothing short of amputation with an axe would serve to free him in time, and that would kill him anyway from shock. He was a dead man and Bodie wouldn't know until it was too late.) (39)
  • Handy Pandy, Out Goes The Rat by Rimy ("Stupid-" Bodie yelled, the rest lost in a barrage of gunfire. He tore past me towards the house, flung himself sideways and down as a flash leaped like lightning from the open door, accompanied by the thunder of another shotgun. Two sharp reports inside. And silence.) (47)
  • Highland Comfort by Elspeth Leigh (Bodie backed away, felt the prickles rise on his neck again and a voice whisper in his ear. "Bah! Foolish superstition. It's me grand-mum. Didn't know she was buried down here. Explains a lot." "Ferchristsakes, Ray. Stop doing that.") (61)
  • Damaged Goods by Meridian (Hands lifted him and he heard a foul curse. His heart thudded painfully. But he recognized that voice and pried his eyes opened to see Doyle's green eyes dangerously bright. "Too late," he gasped out. "Like hell, Bodie!" Despite the harsh words, Doyle's hands were gende as he checked his injuries. It still hurt like hell to be touched.) (73)
  • Trying to Understand by Derry ("What's Cowley done to us this time?" "We're a pair of grammar school teachers. I'm art and you..." His shoulders were shaking with laughter as he continued, "You're biology.") (97)

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[zine]: Just a few things before I begin the review:

The first thing I would say is that IMO the zine is well worth the money--but don't shoot me if you buy it and dislike it, it is after all simply my opinion (as is the rest of the review).

I think that full marks should go to the editors, as well as to the writers, who have produced a very good, very professional zine, that is well put together, and shows that a lot of time and effort has gone into making it as perfect as possible. I didn't notice any errors in it, I wasn't looking for them, I don't, but nothing leapt out at me. I sometimes think that when commenting on the writers, one does tend to almost over look the editors, unless it is to say that they missed an Americanism or something similar, and we forget to praise them. In a way it's a bit like producing a play (which I have done). If it goes really well it's down to the actors, if it's a disaster, then it's the Producer's fault--either way the poor Producer cannot win. So my thanks and praise to the editors.

I wouldn't like to say which story was my favourite, because they all satisfied different needs in me. I personally would not say that there was a bad story in the zine. However, three really stood out as being ones that I would rate the more highly: Soul Survivor, Damaged Goods and Lost in the Feeling. Even though I didn't necessarily like everything about all three stories, they had an edge to them as far as I was concerned, something that made them for me, more enjoyable, not necessarily better, than the others.

The second thing I would just like to say is, be warned this does give away certain aspects of the stories, it's also long.

Finally, just to reiterate that everything I say is simply my opinion.

Finally, finally, I know that the review won't win any prizes for an English composition, essay. However, I'm battling against time and a disability, not to mention company for a week. So please forgive the grammatical errors and any odd typo, and take it as it is meant to be an honest, hopefully constructive review of the zine. [2]
[zine]: A THIRD PRIORITY A-3 is a Pros slash anthology published in October 2001 by IDP Press. It contains nine stories by nine different authors and consists of 125 pages, of which 102 are text. There are twelve illos by joey throughout, each on its own page except one. There's no word count on the zine, but the text is presented in single column with moderately wide margins. The zine has a comb binding, and the front cover features a computer-manipulated photograph of Bodie and Doyle that I find attractive. [3]


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