A Romantic of the Leonine Persuasion

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Title: A Romantic of the Leonine Persuasion
Publisher: Beauty and the Beast Fan Club (US)
Date(s): 1989
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
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A Romantic of the Leonine Persuasion is a Beauty and the Beast clippings scrapbook of related articles, interviews, ads, etc. from magazines and newspapers.

It was created and distributed by Beauty and the Beast Fan Club (US).

Its Beginning

From the third issue of the club's newsletter (September 1988):

Another modest proposal - because many of you wrote and asked for reprints of the articles from our scrapbooks (and we really don't have room currently in the newsletter to reprint them) The exec committee would like to make a one time only offer. We will reprint every single page in our scrapbooks one time only in booklet form. Cost will be $20.00. Current size is approx 120 to 150 single-sided pages. Orders must be received before November 1st, 1988. We will then take the books to the printers and have printed exactly the number of copies needed to fill the orders. Please realize that not all the copies will turn out readable or clear - as some of these reprints will be copies of copies, (which some of you have sent us) and others will be copies of colored originals. Hopefully we will have everything mailed out in time for Christmas, but knowing the mails at that time of the year we can make no guarantees.
From the seventh issue the club's newsletter (September 1989):
The club's second volume covering the second year of the show is now available until December 1st. It will be slightly larger than last year - more than 200 pages! The cost remains the same as last year - $20 for U.S. Residents, $25 for Canadian and overseas - all monies must be in U.S. dollars.
From the club's tenth newsletter (June 1990):
Years 1,2 and 3 are now available until September 1st, 1990. These scrapbooks represent all the articles dipped and sent in by the members of this club. They are each approximately 200 pages long - there are articles sent to us in foreign languages, and copies of articles sent to us by members in english speaking countries around the world. We will be printing them up in July and mailing them out beginning in August!

Issue 1

A Romantic of the Leonine Persuasion 1 contains 199 pages.

Issue 2

A Romantic of the Leonine Persuasion 2 was published in 1989.

Issue 3

A Romantic of the Leonine Persuasion 3 contains 214 pages.