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Title: A Meeting of Minds
Author(s): CrimsonQuills
Date(s): 18 February 2008 - 6 March 2008
Length: 17,309 words / 1:59:00 hours
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Marvel 616
External Links: A Meeting of Minds (Tales of Suspense)
Bonding 'verse (Tales of Suspense)
A Meeting of Minds (author page)
A Meeting of Minds (AO3)
A Meeting of Minds (audiobook)
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A Meeting of Minds is a Steve/Tony story by CrimsonQuills. This story is set after "Extremis" and before "Execute Program".

Summary: As it turns out, the Extremis hadn't quite finished rewriting Tony's brain. The only potential fix has...consequences.

kalakirya podficced the story for amplificathon 2012.[1] It is available at the Audiofic Archive. thesuperhusbands made a "if superhusbands fics were movies" gif set for the story.[2]

In 2013, A Meeting of Minds was included in a Steve/Tony custom zine that caused controversy because it used self-publishing venues without author permission.

Bonding 'verse

A Meeting of Minds is the first part and main story of the Bonding 'verse. The other stories in this verse are:

  • Unbinding. Tony has a request for Steve. This is a sequel to "A Meeting of Minds", but it's just a PWP in the Bonding 'Verse, really. 2465 words long.
  • Doubts. Hank and Jan worry. Steve and Tony are oblivious, but not to each other, for once. 1759 words long.
  • Isolation. Steve dreams. So does Tony. 1184 words long.

Recs and Reviews

Bonding fics are a staple of some fandoms and are usually considered to be a natural characteristic of an alien species or special being (the mystical bond between Sentinels and Guides, the Vulcan mating link, a Vampire/Saiyan/[insert random species/mythic creature]'s claim upon his/her mate). While I'm a fan of the genre it tends to get a bit tiresome after you’ve read innumerable fics with the same approach.

"A Meeting of Minds" (the main story of the Bonding 'verse, which also has three short sequels) presents an original and refreshing take on the bonding concept. Due to the modifications in his brain caused by Extremis, Tony develops a type of telepathy which will eventually kill him as he is unable to block it. The only possible solution is to create an artificial bond, linking his mind to another’s. Steve, of course, volunteers, despite Tony's protests. Being bonded, of course, brings its own set of problems, especially as Tony refuses to share some of his innermost thoughts with Steve, straining their friendship.

An original concept that meshes well with canon facts, great writing and some excellent character interaction make this a wonderful series for Steve/Tony fans or those who like bonding fics in general.[3]
I found this story via the podfic recording of it, and now I am here to heap my affection for it upon you. This hit every aspect of my telepathy/bonding kink just absolutely perfectly. I love watching Tony struggle with his feelings and with the frustration of not being able to fix it himself. I love Steve finally taking control and being so damn self-sacrificing to save his friend. I love the growth of the the relationship and the both of them eventually overcoming the secrets and getting to actually be together. And all of that is on top of being set in a believable universe with snarky dialogue from Peter, incidental XMen, battles with villains, and everything else that we love the Marvel universes for. Excellent beautiful work. Thank you for creating it and for sharing. Now I'm off to revel in the other bits... I see that there's bondage porn. *_*[4]


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