3 Nen B Gumi

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Title: 3 Nen B Gumi (3年B組)
Circle: Kurukuru Girl: Branchoffice Hogwarts
Doujinka: Yuna Akiyama (秋山ゆな) &
Rei Miyabi (雅れい)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Date/s: 09 August 2002[1]
Type: manga
Size: B5, 38 pages
Language: Japanese
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3 Nen B Gumi (3年B組, "Year 3, Class B") is a Harry Potter doujinshi by Kurukuru Girl. One reviewer describes:

Very bright and colorful cover, with Harry, Hermione, and Draco. The back cover features the Weasley twins (wearing a total of eight earrings between them).

The stories inside are odd, but also interesting. There seems to be an underlying theme of James Potter's ghost/angel/spirit alternately haunting or watching over Severus. He is usually wearing a halo, and several times demonstrates that he is not-quite-corporeal. It appears that only Severus can see him (there are scenes with ghost!James and Harry, or with Fred and George).

Highlights of this DJ: the shrine to Quirrell, complete with incense pot, and Snape stabbing ghost!James with his wand. There are also a few interesting confrontations between Harry and Draco, and Hermione and Draco. Draco gets picked on a lot.

The art is about Kuru Kuru Girl standard, although I believe the screentoning has improved. Snape is still girly. This circle is the only one I've seen that has a spectacles-wearing Severus Snape. I rather like the effect, even if we don't have a basis for it in the canon.

As far as gag doujinshis go, this is a good one. The stories are easy to follow and amusing without much understanding of Japanese.[2]



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