‘Ekahi, ‘Elua, ‘Ekolu

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Title: ‘Ekahi, ‘Elua, ‘Ekolu
Author(s): elise_509
Date(s): 11 May 2011
Length: 8,641 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: ‘Ekahi, ‘Elua, ‘Ekolu (AO3)

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‘Ekahi, ‘Elua, ‘Ekolu is a Hawaii Five-0 story by elise_509. The pairing ist Steve/Danny & Steve/Danny/Catherine. It won the 2012 Hawaii Five-0 Ohana Favorite Awards in the category "Favorite Threesome/Moresome".[1]

Summary: She's seen Steve want, but she's never seen Steve want someone as much as he wants Danny.

Recs and Reviews

Why we love it: This fic goes beyond the normal threesome fic to provide us with brilliant insights into each of the characters. We love the way it uses a threesome as a way for Catherine to get Danny and Steve together. It’s almost like a passing of the torch. Even if you aren’t a fan of threesome fic this is one to check out.[2]
‘Ekahi, ‘Elua, ‘Ekolu by elise_509 As a big fan of Catherine, and I am still a bit upset about the end of S04, and of course a huge fan of McDanno, it is probably not a surprise that I feel that the answer to this little love triangle is obviously a threesome. There is a bit of a dearth of threesome fic in this fandom but I did manage to find this fic, the title of which translates to One, Two, Three, and is possibly one of the hottest fics I have read. It’s pretty much a PWP fic and does not qualify as being safe for the eyes of little brothers but it is a very well written fic and even the sex is well done. My favourite thing about it is that it seems real, there’s some awkwardness, some confusion, some getting distracted because someone else’s naked bits are RIGHT THERE and the POV character just forgets to do anything but stare. It’s also nicely free of too many feels.[3]
Catherine Rollins is perhaps the first canon character I've seen who doesn't lose herself if you write her as a conduit. How did I not rec this last year when it was posted?[4]


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