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Title: Whatever
Creator: sockkpuppett & sisabet
Date: Jan 2004
Format: WMV
Length: 2:19 minutes
Music: "My West Hollywood Lifestyle, Whatever!" by T-Bal and BJ
Fandom: Angel
URL: archived version of vidder's website; vidder's streaming version at Critical Commons; streaming Youtube version uploaded by another fan

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Whatever is an Angel fanvid by sockkpuppett & sisabet. It is considered by many to be one of the definitive examples of comedic vidding. The vid premiered at the 2004 Escapade vid show and it was also released on The WOAD Society/The Long and Winding WOAD Disk 1 DVD.

Summary: "Cause this is my West Hollywood lifestyle, whatever!"

Vidders' notes: "So, I was like, watching SDWolfpup’s “My United States of Spike, Whatever!” vid, and ozonebaby made me listen to this song. And I was like, “Whatever.” And then I sent it to sisabet, and she spent a few hours listening to it, and she and I decided that it was All About Angel. So, this is our silly vid about Angel, whatever......Please right click to save. And BE SAVED!"

Vidders' Testimonial

On January 31, 2004, luminosity and sisabet posted the following testimonial in sisabet's blog. Excerpts are included below.

"There comes a time in a vidder's life, brothers and cistern, when she has to re-examine and re-evaluate just what she thinks she's doing. That time for sisabet and me is now. We've asked each other if, all things are equal, have we actually managed to vid the *truth* of Angel? The *essence*, if you will? If we've done a service or disservice to this character?..

vidder's icon for the vid

We've concluded that although fantasy vids and AU's are all well and good, we must occasionally vid the truth, at least as we see it, and to the best of our ability. We meditated and discussed and faced East. We pondered and philosophized and argued, each of us presenting *our side* to the other until we reached this agreement. Canon is canon. No easy way out here. We'd like to share our conclusions with y'all now.

[sisabet : AMEN, Sistah!]

We've come full circle brethren and cistern. Back in the fall, we were *lost*. LOST, I say! We got on our knees and repented of our evil ways. We learned, yes we did! We learned that what goes around comes around, and this vid is proof..."[1]
You can read their moving affirmation to fandom, vidding, and Angel the Man Himself in its entirety in sisabet's journal.[1]


  • "Just start imagining Angel saying " 'Cause this is my West Hollywood lifestyle, whatever!" and you'll know at once why you should watch this deservedly famous vid. Angel: the series has some fantastic humorous and campy moments (as well as more dramatic scenes that can be read that way), and this vid takes its pick of the best. Luminosity and Sisabet arrange very well edited and hilarious-in-context shots and clips (including Angel in chains or restrained, sensitivity-training!Angel, naked Angel pouncing on Wesley, Angel and Lindsey giving each other the eye, and Angel dancing like a maniac), recasting them into the makes-perfect-sense scenario of Angel as a cruising, bitchy West Hollywood guy."[2]
  • "Another great video is Whatever by Luminosity and Sisabet. This is so amazing-- it's laugh-out-loud funny, and the "singer" sounds so much like Andrew. It's kind of "Angel is SO gay", and just hilarious. It's worth it just to see Wes adjust himself in his leather pants. But they've got this great matching of words to the mouth-movements of the characters. You kind of have to see it to believe it."[3]
  • "Whatever by sockkpuppett & sisabet. Fandom: Angel. Mood: fucking hilarious. No seriously, she selected visually comic images, paired them up with a comic song, and kept it crisp and funny."[4]
  • "Macho men, in leather trenchoats and carrying swords, riding around West Hollywood saying: "Whatever!" to the vampires, ghouls and celebrities they meet. How can this not make you giggle?"[5]
  • "I do not think it is possible to emulate in type the snorting sounds that came out of me when watching this."[6]
  • "If I could I'd give you an Oscar for best Documentary immediately."[7]


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