What It Is I See In You

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due South Fanfiction
Title: What It Is I See In You
Author(s): Hth
Length: 10 stories
Genre: slash
Fandom: due South
External Links: available at Hth's archived website; partially online here

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What It Is I See In You is a due South Ray/Ray series by Hth.


  1. Road Trip
  2. The Vibe
  3. Making the Bed
  4. Morning Train
  5. Ride of Your Life
  6. Desert Rain
  7. Three Kings
  8. Passeggiata
  9. Close to the Chest
  10. Lullaby in Blue

Reactions and Reviews

Hth's stories tend to be shorter and pack a lot of emotional punch. She's great at tilting what we know about canon just a little and then taking full advantage of what might shake out; her Ray/Ray series What It Is I See In You, for example, asks what might have happened if the Rays had met before the start of Season 3, while Fraser was on vacation in Canada. It's not even AU territory (CotW implies they're meeting for the first time, I suppose, but that's pretty easily handwaved), but man, the difference it makes. Her characterizations are insightful and deft. She makes mundane moments speak volumes.[1]
Some of the formatting is off [at Hth's website], you'll probably want to read the lj versions. The [rec] link is to the 2Rays index, which has pretty much every Ray/Ray fic ever, in case you're interested. Hth was probably one of the first people to ever write Ray/Ray. We can be glad she did. In any case, this was one of the first Ray/Ray fics I read. I read it because I was a little bored and decided to try liking a new pairing. This time, it was Ray/Ray. I was reading along, enjoying but not really buying it, and then I came to the second to last fic in the series, Close to the Chest. And again, it was the fic that made this pairing click for me. The series also has a brilliantly written take on Vecchio in Vegas that's worth the price of admission all on it's own. Read it.[2]


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