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due South Fanfiction
Title: Passeggiata
Author(s): Hth
Date(s): October 2004
Genre: slash
Fandom: due South
External Links: Passeggiata at ds_flashfiction
Passeggiata at Fierce Flawless (archived version)

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Passeggiata is a RayV/RayK story by Hth. It is part of the What It Is I See In You series.

Author's Comments

In her 2004 "My Year In Fic" review, Hth names Passeggiata as her "most fun story" of the year:

This is one of the few stories I wrote this year that qualifies as "fun" in the sense of being basically uplifting and hopefully making people smile. Also, it was fun to write because it was so low-stress. I hadn't promised it to anybody or anything like that, so I was just on my way home from class and stopped off at a bookstore to do about an hour's reading of travel guides to Italy, and then I wrote it that night and it was done and that was that, totally painless. The What It Is I See In You series has always been fun for me to write, because they're short and pretty snappy and super-romantic, and I always kind of come away from them feeling good.

Reactions and Reviews

The tendency has been to set dS stories in Chicago or Canada, but this one has a refreshing change of location. The exotic setting (Italy) feels right to me and makes me recall a trip I made to Italy about 14 years ago. I also chose this story because long-term relationship fic is fairly rare for this pairing, and when one does find it, it often is too schmoopy for Ray/Ray. Hth conquers the task of keeping the snark in this relationship while balancing it with domestic happiness. I get a warm, contented feeling after reading this story, and I have it bookmarked for future comfort reads. [1]


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