We Got One!

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Title: We Got One!
Publisher: Criterion Press and Straight Up Press
Editor(s): Kathy Agel
Series?: Issues 1-4
Medium: print
Fandom: The Real Ghostbusters
Language: English
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We Got One! is a gen Real Ghostbusters anthology.

Issue 1

cover of issue 1, Deb Walsh

We Got One! 1 was published in May 1993 and contains 137 pages. Deb Walsh is the front cover artist.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Deb Walsh

We Got One! 2 Deb Walsh is the front cover artist. Susie M and Joy Riddle are other artists. It has the subtitle, "We Got Another One!" It contains 190 pages and was published in 1996.

Issue 3

We Got One! 3 was published in 1998. Joy Riddle is the front cover artist. It has the subtitle, "Third Time’s the Charm," and contains 180 pages.

cover of issue #3

Issue 4

We Got One! 4 Sheila Paulson is the front cover artist. Christine A. R. did the interior art. It has the subtitle, "Four of a Kind" and contains 196 pages.

  • Missing by Sheila Paulson--After a car crash, Peter can't be found. (3)
  • Appraisals by K. Hanna Korossy--Winston tells his family about his interesting new job. (23)
  • Gray Light by P. Morrigan--The Ghostbusters go to help a friend of Egon's mother, with tragic consequences when they misjudge the situation. (29)
  • Wedding Day by Sheila Paulson (58)
  • Mina by Donna A. (60)
  • Hostile Takeover by Christine A. R.--Crossover with Filmation's Ghostbusters. (85)
  • Quarternary by Sheila Paulson--Conclusion of the "Letters" series. Winston sends his brother letters about his early days Ghostbusting. (110)
  • Self Control by K. Hanna Korossy--Peter helps Ray through the aftermath of being possessed in "Ghostworld". (122)
  • Comfort and Joy by Sheila Paulson (127)
  • Tap by Robin Schindler (133)