We Band of Buggered

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Name: We Band of Buggered
Date(s): ?-2004
Moderator: Valerie Z
Type: forum
Fandom: Buffy & Angel
URL: WayBack archived copy of the Forum
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We Band of Buggered was an early Buffy/Angel forum that ran from ???? to March 13, 2004. Although it offered discussions about the show, the actors and fan fiction, its perhaps more notable contribution was to create a discussion thread where Buffy and Angel vidders could gather to discuss vidding. It was called "Bright colors. Music. Tiny little people."

Vidding Bootcamp

The vidders on the forum focused on substantive critique of their own and others vids. They eventually came up with the idea of creating a virtual online "Vidding Bootcamp" that would invite vidders to post their work for public feedback.

"One day on the video discussion forum at We Band of Buggered a conversation began about editing and feedback and the desire to improve ourselves as vidders. The lovely and talented sisabet took the lead by posting the following under the heading "Video Boot Camp", and a movement was born:
Vidding Boot Camp logo
' The Editing thread has become a discussion of when is feedback needed/wanted. I have been very vocal about what serious feedback has done for me and how it has helped me develop as a vidder. If you have seen my first vids you know I ain't lying.
If you want serious, no holds barred discussion and critical feedback to your vid please post a request and a link to the vid here. The only requirement is that the critisism will be public (it does the community a service at large - trust me) and it will be honest. This is not a forum to rip another's work to shreds - it is merely a critical discussion about what works and what does not and how to improve.
I promise to provide feedback on the vids submitted as time permits (I'll get to it as soon as I can - may not be same day service ) I also have faith in the posters on this board to help as well.
So - who is up for discussion? '
Since that time the thread has grown exponentially with vidders from a variety of fandoms coming out to review, share experience, ask for help, and to participate in a serious effort to make our vids the very best they could be. Anyone is welcome to participate, any fandom. The only stipulation being that you are serious. That you want feedback. That you want to work. That you are willing to participate and give back as well as recieve. Welcome to Boot Camp. Are you tough enough?"[1]

The 'Boot Camp' also assigned 'Homework' to vidders interested in improving their basic and advanced vidding skills. A topic was selected and vidders would either write and essay or create a vid to illustrate the 'Lesson'. [2]

For example:

  • 'Fantasy Vid Feedback' invited vidders to go back to a vid that they thought they could never recreate or emulate and write a detailed review of what attracted them the vid.[3]
  • 'Mood and Music, one minute to Cherubini's Requiem' - the vidder was to create a vid set to an instrumental piece of music.[4]

For more information see representative examples of the 'homework', a 2003 archived copy of the Boot Camp Vidding thread, along with a larger archived thread of all the ongoing discussions on the Vidding Forum.

MIT Vidding Awards

The "Moments in Time" Vidding Awards were awards held every few months on the forum by KJ. Winners can be found here, here, here and here.

Notable Community Members


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