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Name: Valerie Lewis
Alias(es): Val, Valerie X, valereix, valerie_z
Type: fan
Fandoms: Buffy, Angel, Queer As Folk US, House, Bandom (Decaydance+, My Chemical Romance), vidding
Communities: We Band of Buggered
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Valerie Z was a fan best known for founding We Band of Buggered in 2002, the Buffy/Angel site and forum which gave rise to Vidding Boot Camp. The site itself housed several writers' works, and Val would post anyone's BtVS or Angel fanfiction on the site. Val was also a fanfiction writer as well as a pro writer (see her other works here).

Valerie was also active on the Buffyworld forums. Some of Valerie's fanfiction is also archived at All About Spike and ffnet.

She died unexpectedly in January 2013 of complications from medication.[1]

Writing Style

Val was best known for writing hilarious, irreverent, and engaging stories. Often the emotion in one of Val's stories would creep up on the reader. Her propensity for writing the 'bad boys' of fandom was well known.

Notable Works



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