Warped Space/Issues 51-52

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Issue 51

cover of issue #51, L. Goodwin

Warped Space 51 was published in September 1984 and is 98 pages long. The front cover is by L. Goodwin.

  • Analysis Please: Gross Anatomy (1 page)
  • Return (STAR TREK—Admiral Nogura) (4 pages)
  • An Ill-Made Jedi Part 2 (STAR WARS) (34 pages)
  • Commentary On The Black Sabre Universe (STAR WARS) (4 pages)
  • A Letter Home (STAR TREK) (2 pages)
  • The Second Letter Home (STAR TREK) (1 page)
  • Letter From Home (STAR TREK) (2 pages)
  • The Paths Of Choice (STAR WARS—Continuator story) (35 pages)
  • Private Notes On The Ecosystem Of Tatoonie (Illustrations and Explanations) (5 pages)
  • Parting Shot by Robert Jan

Issue 52

front cover of issue #52
back cover of issue #52, Susan W. Perry-Lewis

Warped Space 52 (May 1985, 98 pages) The back cover has a illustration from Ladyhawke.

  • Tactical Error by Robert Jan (Star Trek (2 pages)
  • Wolf at the Gate by Anne Elizabeth Zeek and Sara Campbell (Ladyhawke) (14 pages) (winner of a 1986 Fan Q)
  • The Paths of Choice (conclusion) by Jackie Paciello (Star Trek (35 pages)
  • An Ill-Made Jedi (part 3) by Deborah June Laymin & Deborah Kay Goldstein (Star Wars (20 pages)
  • The Third Letter Home by Joan C. Wilson (Star Trek (2 pages)
  • Some More Of The Tail Robert Jan (Star Trek) (2 pages)
  • The Fourth Letter Home by Joan C. Wilson (Star Trek (1 page)
  • Just Luck (Star Wars) (1 page)
  • Joseph: A Conversation In The Desert (Starman) (4 pages)