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Pairing: Nogitsune/Stiles Stilinski
Alternative name(s): Voiles
Gender category: Other
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Rare
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Nogitsune/Stiles Stilinski or Voiles is the relationship involving the Nogitsune, also known as Void, and Stiles Stilinski from the television show Teen Wolf.


In season 4 of Teen Wolf, Stiles struggles with him mind following the ritual involving Scott McCall and Allison Argent at Deaton's. The ritual was completed to find each of the teen's parents who were all kidnapped by the Darach. Before the ritual, Deaton states that it will have ramifications, that there will be "a permanent darkness around their hearts"[1]. This darkness let the Nogitsune into Stiles' mind, which then took over Stiles. He never knew if he was asleep or awake and started hallucinating. At one point, Stiles ended up in Eichen House which was a mental institution due to his symptoms. Towards the end of its rein, the Nogitsune took over Stiles' body and used it to terrorize his friends. The Nogitsune was eventually pulled from Stiles and trapped in a mountain ash box.


While Voiles is a rare ship[2], it is multifaceted. The way the relationship is portrayed is varied. In some instances, it's straight up and down terrorizing, like it is in the show. In these cases, it's a character study of Stiles or a viewing of Stilinski Family Feels. In other cases, it's more of a brotp between Stiles and the Nogitsune. In this case, the Nogitsune is either seen as benevolent, using his powers for good, or Stiles' "willing to do whatever it takes to keep people safe" side, so he only comes out in extreme circumstances. This situations are normally gen. Otherwise, it is the more common pairing type: a romantic relationship between the Nogitsune and Stiles. However, even in this category, there is a split. This can be portrayed as a furthering of the benevolent Nogitsune where Stiles realizes it's not so bad and begins to like it, or this could be more of the Nogistune tempting Stiles over to the darkside.

Common Tropes

  • Hurt/Comfort: In this genre of works, Stiles is either hurt by other people and the Nogitsune helps him get revenge, or the Nogitsune hurts him, and Stiles gets comfort from other people. In the latter example, there's normally a different ship in the forefront (normally Sterek).
  • Stilinski Family Feels: This shows up as a more specified hurt/comfort work. This normally portrays Stiles leaning on his father John Stilinski for help, and both of them pulling together to lend strength to one another. In these works, Stiles' mom, Claudia Stilinski is almost always mentioned in some capacity.
  • Dark Stiles: In this case, the Nogitsune is able to sway Stiles to either let it take over or convince Stiles to cause destruction and chaos. These works normally contain dark themes.

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