Violet Baudelaire

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Name: Violet Baudelaire
Occupation: Orphan
Relationships: Beatrice Baudelaire (mother)
Klaus Baudelaire, Sunny Baudelaire (siblings)
Fandom: A Series of Unfortunate Events
Other: Played by actress Emily Browning in the movie and by actress Malina Weissman in the TV show
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Violet Baudelaire is one of the main characters in the book series A Series of Unfortunate Events, as well as in the movie and TV show of the same title. She is the eldest of the Baudelaire orphans.


At the beginning of the series, Violet is fourteen years old, and by the end, she is sixteen. Like her siblings, Violet is described to be intelligent, charming, polite and resourceful. She also has incredible inventing skills.


In a poll of 484 votes, up against Cosima Niehaus of Orphan Black, Violet won with 63% in the question of "who, when given a task that fits her skillset and talents, would do that task better: more comprehensively, faster, with more pizzazz, with less collateral, etc."[1]


Violet Baudelaire, along with her both of her siblings, is frequently interpreted or headcanonned by fans as autistic or ADHD.

I think this one is really interesting because watching the show, as a viewer, you see the kids as the only “normal” ones while everyone else seems illogical and weird. Everyone else, really with the exception of the Quagmire children, views the Baudelaire Kids as odd and themselves as the normal ones. They state and reinforce the point that the kids just don’t get certain things, typically because of their age, and that the adults and others in the show know better.

[...] Both of them have special interests and things that they excel and know pretty much everything about; Klaus with books and research and Violet with her inventions.

However, I think part of the reason there are not a lot of stand out things we can point to to say that “Look at this; they’re autistic because of this” is because as the viewer we see things from their perspective (well technically Lemony’s perspective but I also feel like he could fall under the neurodivergent branch due to his perspective and understanding of events). We see everyone else as weird and odd, something autistic people are typically seen as, because the actions of Violet and Klaus make sense from their/our perspective.


Violet ties her hair up when shes thinking because it causes sensory problems when it's down and her special interests are inventing things and mechanics.


Violet invents things in high-pressure situations with limited resources. This shows her ability to come up with unconventional solutions. For example, she has made lockpicks, signalling devices, drag chutes and more. She is famous for tying her hair up with a ribbon to help her concentrate, and her ability to hyperfocus on the problem until she can find a way out.

Unlocking ADHD[4]

doesn’t pick up on small details as fast as Klaus does, usually. eg. in the wide window, she didn’t pick up on the errors in Josephine’s suicide letter until Klaus pointed them out and initially didn’t think they were significant, despite the fact that Josephine was giving them grammar lessons every day while they lived with her. that to me says that a) violet forgot everything aunt josephine tried to teach them and b) she wasn’t reading the note all that carefully.







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