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Name: vesna
Alias(es): mrsronweasley
Type: fanfic writer
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Due South, Bandom, One Direction/Radio 1 RPF, The Untamed, The Untamed RPF
URL: bread & jam (fanfic site; last updated 2007)
AO3 account
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vesna, formerly known as mrsronweasley, has written fanfic in several fandoms. She was also on the con comm for Muskrat Jamboree.

Several of her fics have been podficced (see the Audiofic Archive, as well as related works on AO3), and she has a pro-podfic blanket statement on her livejournal:

Podfic: I love podfic, and would love for people to record my fic! Please ask before recording, just so I know to anticipate it. :D Thank you! [1]

In 2021 for a variety of reasons she changed her longtime fannish pseudonym mrsronweasley to vesna.

Example Fanworks

  • Run, a bandom werewolf AU (2010)


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