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Name: Rie
Alias(es): NoooWeStayAndGetCaught, Val_Creative, Val-Creative, ValCreative, ValCreativeFics
Type: Graphic Artist, Fan Mixer, Fan Writer
Fandoms: IT, Merlin, The Umbrella Academy
URL: Val_Creative, Archived version on AO3, ValCreativeFics, Archived version on CuriousCat, Val-Creative, Archived version on FFN, ValCreative, Archived version on PlayMoss, NoooWeStayAndGetCaught, Archived version on Tumblr
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Rie is a fanfic author with over 1500 works on their AO3, who also makes gifsets, and occasionally fanmixes for their fandoms, and a lengthy list of ships.

Fan History

Index of Works



it 1990 + reddie hug, Archived version Date: 04 December 2017Genre: Canon, Hugging
Richie Tozier picking up Eddie Kaspbrak while Beverly Marsh watches. (Reddie)