VHF: The Complete Book of Lyrics

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Filk Songbook
Title: VHF: The Complete Book of Lyrics
Editor(s): Martie Benedict
Date(s): Autumn 1983
Medium: print
Subject: Harrison Ford, Star Wars
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VHF: The Complete Book of Lyrics is a filk songbook that contains Martie Benedict's filk lyrics celebrating the many film roles of Harrison Ford. Art by Wanda Lybarger and Carlotta Vaughan. [1]

A fan in Jundland Wastes writes that the Benedict told her that "VHF" stood for "Very Harrison Ford."

This zine accompanies VHF, a series of audio tapes.

From the table of contents: "Ever know a man who made you feel like singing?"

Interior Sample

Reactions and Reviews

The Lyric Book covers almost every tape Martie has ever recorded—from VHF to VHF Addendum, and it's a God-send to anyone who may want to sing or play along. Monitoring and transcribing off tape can be a real labor. By producing her lyric 'zine, Martie has saved the would-be singers among us a great deal of work—which leaves us energy for singing. Bountifully and beautifully keyed by full-page Wanda Lybarger illos of Harrison Ford's characters and Carlotta Vaughn's companion spot illos, the book has been clearly and carefully printed and bound with a spiral ring so that it will lie flat when open. For the illos alone, the book would be worth its purchase price. But, more than this, as you read the words to these pieces, you can see, really see, the poetic skill of this special musician/singer/writer/artist/mage, Martie Benedict. [2]


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