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Origin story

I'd been a K/S fan since 78-79, but I only knew a couple of people. I was on the end of a pipeline for borrowing zines, so I didn't have to buy much, but it also means I didn’t make many new connections.

Those early acquaintances of mine gradually faded away, and my slash involvement went down, but somehow I saw an ad for Koon-ut-Cali-Con. I couldn't go, but sending them a flyer got me on their mailing list, and the second year, I said--ha! I'm going. I convinced rache and a couple of other friends who'd been casually reading my slash, but who wouldn't have called themselve slashfans, to come too, and we all went to San Diego.

We were there 3 days, and we didn't really make any friends or contacts, but it didn't really matter: we saw our first song vids, and we found multi-media! We bought Man From Uncle zines, and came home with our first Pros ep (Blind Run--nearly put us off the series permanently!), & came back home to Seattle, where I still didn't know any fans, except rache.

Even though we felt that slash fandom was a little stand offish, we'd scored so much neat shit, that rache and I decided to go to the next CA con that came up: Reunion Con, aka the Starsky & Hutch 15 anniversary con. We had a wonderful time, met Megan Kent and C--, and finally, sitting in a hotel room *25 driving hours from home*, met a Seattle slash fan.

Whoo! Yippee! We exchanged addresses and phone numbers, and planned to meet back in Seattle. She soon introduced me to other Seattle slashfen, none of which did I seem to have anything in common with...sigh...

So, I found the net about then, and gradually started finding virtual slashfen friends. Once I realized I had written virtually the same thing to 4 or 5 people, and that I could save a lot of time if we just formed a mailing list, I mentioned the idea and (*THANK* *GOD!*) *Betsy* ran with it.

And that was the beginning of Virgule-L.