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Name/s: PorcupineGirl, PG
Fandom/s: Check Please, Supernatural, Sherlock, Harry Potter, How I Met Your Mother, Bones, Star Trek, Baby-Sitters Club
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PorcupineGirl (she/her) has been active in online fandom since finding the Star Trek: The Next Generation message boards on Prodigy in 1995. She started reading fanfiction (for Harry Potter) in the early 2000s, first used the username PorcupineGirl on in 2004, and started posting her first HP fic there in 2007. She is currently one of the organizers of Fandom Trumps Hate, a cross-fandom fanworks auction to raise money for groups targeted by the Trump administration.

Fandoms PG has been a member of, and on what sites/in what capacities she has participated in those fandoms (in approximate order of when she became active in them):

  • Baby-Sitters Club - Read the books, collected merchandise, and rambled excitedly about the BSC to anyone who would listen from about 1988-1993, before ever finding online fandoms. Found the BSC nostalgia fandom via the LJ community in the early 2000s, and has posted BSC fanfic on both and AO3. Currently busy making her son an avid fan via the BSC graphic novels.
  • Star Trek - ST:TNG was a staple of her family TV viewing in middle and high school, as was Voyager later in high school. As previously noted, her first online fandom experience was the ST:TNG message boards on Prodigy. PG spent most of high school writing an epic Mary Sue self-insert TNG fanfic in her head, but didn't yet know that this was the kind of thing people wrote down and shared with others.
  • Harry Potter - PG was introduced to Harry Potter by none other than Henry Jenkins himself. She took a college class from him in 2000 and was assigned to read Sorcerer's Stone; most of the class whined about having to read it, but then raved about it once they'd read it. She quickly went through the other two books and bought the fourth the day it came out that summer. Spent the early 2000s reading HP fanfic and meta/speculation on a few different sites, eventually posting her own (unfinished) HP fanfic on In 2019 finally convinced her son, as 200% a Ravenclaw as herself, to read the books, and can now buy him all of the HP merchandise. She has also recently had a renewed interest in HP fic, but while in her earlier days in the fandom she wasn't interested in ships, she is now mostly reading Harry/Draco and Remus/Sirius fic.
  • American Idol, Bones, House MD, Heroes - In the mid-to-late 2000s these were PG's main TV fandoms. She read spoiler websites and participated in a variety of communities and message boards, including Television Without Pity boards and LiveJournal comms, but read minimal fanfic and never posted any fic for any of them. Main ships were Booth/Bones on Bones and House/Stacy on House.
  • How I Met Your Mother - Much like the above, with the notable exception of being the first fandom for which PG ever completed a fanfiction, Fumbling Toward Ecstasy, a Barney/Robin fic, in 2008.
  • Sherlock - PG watched Sherlock soon after S2 was released in 2012. When she got to the pool scene, she thought, "Oh no, Sherlock's in love with John." Then she thought, "I bet there's fic of that." And that is how Johnlock became her first slash ship. After joining several Sherlock communities on Livejournal and reading Sherlock fic there and on, the fandom led her to discover both AO3 and Tumblr. As of 2019 she has posted 12 Sherlock fics on AO3 and has Sherlock designs in her RedBubble shop. She also attends 221B Con every year (and was in the room for the infamous TJLC takeover of the Gender Politics in Fandom panel in 2015), where she's made many in-person fandom friends, many of whom she first met in the #antidiogenes IRC channel. It was her involvement in the Sherlock fandom that led to her involvement in Fandom Trumps Hate.
  • Supernatural - PG spent most of the mid-to-late 2000s avoiding Supernatural due to the fandom's reputation for wankiness on LiveJournal, but in 2013 Tumblr gifs finally convinced her to binge the show. She is an avid Destiel shipper and Bitter Cas Girl, and has posted 23 SPN/Destiel fics to AO3. She attended and led panels at Destielcon 2015 and 2016 and has been on two SPN panels at 221B Con. She has participated in GISHWHES twice, and in 2015 her GISHWHES registration won a drawing and she had the opportunity to talk on the phone with Misha Collins for seven minutes. PG has SPN designs in her RedBubble and Etsy shops. She currently (as of 2019) co-hosts Season 14, Time for a Podcast with her friend Matt and her little sister, Jess. PG met Matt via monthly SPN watching meet-ups he'd had at his house from about 2014-2016. Jess has never seen SPN before, but agreed to watch it for the podcast, and they go through every episode, seeing it fresh through her unspoiled eyes.
  • Check Please! - PG read Check Please a few months after Zimbits went canon, and posted her first CP fic to AO3 two days later. As of 2019 she has posted 32 CP fics to AO3. She ran the Check Please Trope Challenge in 2016 and was active in the #omgcheckplease and #epikinkster IRC channels from about 2016-2018. She has been on Check Please panels at 221B Con and on the Three Patch Podcast.
  • Other fandoms she has enjoyed but has not really contributed to beyond designing merchandise for RedBubble and Etsy include Hamilton, Good Omens, Yuri on Ice, Waitress (musical), The Good Place, and Shakespeare. (Well, she's done quite a bit of Shakespearean theater, if that counts as fandom participation...)