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Name/s: M'lyn
Fandom/s: BtVS, The Fast And The Furious, Harry Potter, xXx, Due South, Deadwood, Jarhead, Band of Brothers, Black Hawk Down, Flyboys, The 13th Warrior, and more
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I discovered fandom when I decided to see what there was on the Internet regarding Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A vampire lore fan for several years prior, my name was chosen from the nickname of a character in the young adult fantasy novel Night World: Daughters of Darkness by LJ Smith. The full name I used in early years is M'lyn the Cursed.

By hanging out on message boards and joining mailing lists, my circle of connections grew to include local western Washington fans. Gradually I discovered fanfic, slash, vidding, and other fandom specialties. Eventually I met Gwyneth Rhys around 2004, and through her met the Media Cannibals. During these "aught" years I have explored dozens of new fandoms, joined LiveJournal and discovered the power of the community, written fanfic, produced fanart and vids, and currently continue these pursuits.

I have been active in these fandoms: BtVS, The Fast and the Furious, Due South, The 13th Warrior, Mad Men, Supernatural, and less active in many others. My fic can be found at Archive Of Our Own or my DreamWidth.