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Name: LJ Smith
Also Known As: Lisa Jane Smith, LJS
Occupation: author
Medium: books
Official Website(s): Author's Website
Fan Website(s):
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LJ Smith is an author of young adult supernatural romance novels. Many of her books were published in the 1990s.


LJ Smith (the name on the books), also known as Lisa Jane Smith (full name) and LJane Smith (her personal preference, announced in 2008), is the author of numerous best-selling supernatural romance novels. Because of the small fandom size, the common theme in all her books (teen supernatural romance), and the high overlap in fans of her differing book series, the fandom is called LJS fandom (or LJ Smith fandom).


In 2008, after approximately a decade of sporadic emails to her fans, LJ Smith announced a few things that essentially revitalized the fandom: she was writing again, she had a new website, she was finally finishing Strange Fate, and the books were going to be republished as her publishers tried to capitalize on the increased popularity of supernatural romance fiction.

Fan reaction was incredibly mixed[1]. Some users were skeptical that it was really her (resolved after she proved it was, by registering her Amazon account as legit), many criticized the quality of the writing in her newly-released short stories (partially because as fans, their standards had become higher after a decade, and because as a writer, LJS had not written in nearly as long), and others were just excited to have their canon's creator acknowledge them again.

She currently tries to answer all her fan mail, and is regularly updating her website with blog entries and new (publicly accessible) short stories that expand her canon.


A forum currently exists at Devil's Playground, and an archive, Twilight Tales. There is also Vampire-Diaries.net, a website specifically for news on The Vampire Diaries (books and TV show). It includes a wiki, forum, twitter account, fanfiction archive, fanart gallery, and popular livejournal community: tvd_fans.livejournal.com.

Other Sites

While Twilight Tales is the main archive in the fandom, it is not the only source of LJ Smith fanfiction. Twilight Tales has a list of links to several other sites, including Desires Unveiled, the LJ Smith slash archive. However, the archivist, LindaMarie, has had Desires Unveiled on hiatus since June 9, 2007.

Other sites featuring LJS fanfiction include:

  • LJSanta – a Secret Santa fanfic project
  • Fanfiction.net – less stringent submissions policy, categories listed according to book title
  • Yuletide Treasure – two fics for The Vampire Diaries archived here, under different fandom names ("LJ Smith" and "Vampire Diaries")

The Books

  • Night of the Solstice/Heart of Valor (companion books)
  • The Vampire Diaries (original 4-book series + new 3-book trilogy, the first one of which was released in February 2009)
  • The Secret Circle (trilogy)
  • The Forbidden Game (trilogy)
  • Dark Visions (trilogy)
  • Night World (9 (possibly 10) book series)


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