Night World

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Name: Night World
Abbreviation(s): NW
Creator: LJ Smith
Date(s): 1996 - 1998
Medium: book
Country of Origin: US
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Night World is a YA fantasy novel series by LJ Smith.

Strange Fate

Originally scheduled to be released in 1999, before the turn of the millennium, Strange Fate is currently scheduled to be released on 6th April, 2010, more than a decade later. Because of sporadic updates in regards to its status as either complete or scheduled for publishing from the years 1998 to 2008, many fans doubted it was ever going to be released, and bore a healthy skepticism in regards to it. [1]

However, in 2008, LJ Smith contacted her fans with new activity and more news about Strange Fate, and fans are now cautiously optimistic about the eventual publication of the last book in the series[2].

The Night World and Slash

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