Devil's Playground

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Name: The Devil's Playground
Date(s): - present
Moderators/List Maintainers: Incanto, Red
Founder(s): Incanto
Fandom: LJ Smith
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The Devil's Playground is the oldest forum in the LJ Smith fandom. As of April 25, 2009, there were 672 members, 518 topics, and 9514 posts.

During LJ Smith's 10-year hiatus, when communication with fans was sporadic and vague, the Devil's Playground (and Twilight Tales) helped keep the fandom alive. All LJ Smith books (Night of the Solstice, The Vampire Diaries, The Forbidden Game, The Secret Circle, Dark Visions, and Nightworld) are discussed on the forum. There are also forums for adult discussions on LJ Smith-related topics, LJ Smith fanfic and other fanworks, current world events, and everyday chatter.

Out of all the books, the forum for The Vampire Diaries was the site of the most activity, especially after LJ Smith returned from her long absence and revealed she was writing a fifth book for the series, titled The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Nightfall. In February 2009, the fifth book was released, provoking a flurry of discussion and a range of reactions (mostly negative). Then, as the fandom was still reeling from the activity, there came the news that Alloy Entertainment was planning on making a TV show for The Vampire Diaries, to be aired possibly in Fall 2009 on The CW Network. A pilot is currently in the works.

In response to the growing interest in The Vampire Diaries, a new website, wiki, and forum have been created by some of the moderators and longtime members of the fandom. The Vampire Diaries Discussion Forums provide a place for fans to discuss the books and upcoming TV show.