Twilight Tales

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Name: Twilight Tales
Date(s): 1998 - present
Archivist: Red
Founder: Red
Type: fanfiction, fanart, fan poetry
Fandom: LJ Smith
Twilight Tales.jpg
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Twilight Tales is an LJ Smith fanworks archive. As of October 2008, it housed over 1,230 fics, as well as art and poetry from the fandom.

The majority of L.J. Smith fanfiction can be found here. Slash, het, gen, crossovers, series, drabbles, works in progress – fics of any kind (or quality) are accepted.


The creator, Red, established the site on March 17, 1998, and has maintained the archive for over ten years.

The archive recently switched to an automated format, allowing users to sign up and add their own fanworks to the fic archive and art gallery. The old archive is still in place for visitors to browse work until all of the fanworks have transferred over to the new format. The old archive has a search engine and is also categorized by the series, and ordered alphabetically by the author's name.


Red also moderates several LiveJournal communities, including ttales, the LJ community for Twilight Tales, ljs100, a drabble challenge community, and TVD_fans, a new community for fans of The Vampire Diaries (books and TV show).