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Fandom/s: A Song of Ice and Fire, Cirque du Freak, Skulduggery Pleasant, Harry Potter, Independence Day, Gotham,
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I've been active in fandom related spaces since 2009/2010 I would say, first starting on websites like Gaia Online and before migrating to places like Tumblr and AO3. I was a lurker in many other places like dreamwidth, livejournal and various individual fan websites. I am a fic writer and that's where most of my fan content related experience is, admittedly. The first fandom I wrote for was Cirque du Freak back in 2010.


I started out roleplaying on Gaia Online and reading on back in 2009, mostly being in the Skulduggery Pleasant, Cirque du Freak, Demonata and Harry Potter areas. From there I started looking for more fan content and discussion boards and slowly found old works, abandoned fandoms (some of which revived, others remain dead) and communities that had started pre or early-days-of-the-internet. Now my main fandoms are what's listed above and I jump between others / specific areas of fandoms.

Interest in Fanlore

I have an interest in preserving fandom history and documenting what happened/ what fandom was like for people, especially in fandoms where so much has changed in a short space of time. I'm not a fandom old by any means, but I have been around the early days of the Skulduggery Pleasant fandom and became an active member in others which aren't as popular and would love to preserve their histories too.

I'm mostly interested in creating pages for lesser known fandoms and character pages. The mentality behind that is if it exists already people are more likely to edit and contribute their perspective of the fandom, rather than having to create the page from scratch.

Fanlore Bingo 2020

Beginner Bingo 2020.pngBeginner blackout 2020.png

This was the first Fanlore challenge I took part in, and first I completed. I'm really glad that I gave it a go. I learned more about editing articles, what my particular interests are and how much time you can spend looking up tiny details about some TV shows.

To-Do List

  • Maintain and update created pages
  • Add images to all of my created pages
  • Create the Demonata page
  • Create the Joe Miller page