Skulduggery Pleasant

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Name: Skulduggery Pleasant
Creator: Derek Landy
Date(s): 2007-ongoing
Medium: books
Country of Origin: Ireland
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Skulduggery Pleasant is an ongoing book series created by Derek Landy, set in Ireland and following the story of a young girl who meets the titular skeleton detective. The novels are centred around the magical goings-on and the efforts to keep the world from being destroyed by the big bad of the book.


There are currently 13 books in the split into two series.. There are also multiple short stories and novellas, most of which were included in the book Armageddon Outta Here.

Series 1
Skulduggery Pleasant
Playing with Fire
The Faceless Ones
Dark Days
Mortal Coil
Death Bringer
Kingdom of the Wicked
The Last Stand of Dead Men
The Dying of the Light
Series 2
Seasons of War
Dead or Alive


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The fandom mentality (popular opinions/ volume of posts) towards the series and the author varies depending on the social media platform. Twitter has more positive responses to Derek Landy's tweets, while Tumblr is more critical. A common trend is to not use Derek Landy's name, but instead use a mispronunciation similar to the way Benedict Cumberbatch became "Bandersnatch Cumberbund", for example.

Common Tropes & Storylines in Fanfiction

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  • A Masquerade/Ball is being held and the characters have to attend
  • Casefic

Ships and Pairings

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Het Pairings

  • Valkyrie Cain/Fletcher Renn
  • Valkyrie Cain/Skulduggery Pleasant
  • China Sorrows/Skulduggery Pleasant
  • Tanith Low/Ghastly Bespoke
  • Tanith Low/Billy-Ray Sanguine

Slash Pairings

  • Anton Shudder/Dexter Vex
  • Thrasher/Vaurien Scapegrace

Femslash Pairings

  • Valkyrie Cain/Militsa Gnosis
  • China Sorrows/Eliza Scorn

Fan Created Content

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