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Name/s: astolat, shalott, the lady of shalott
Fandom/s: Fast & Furious, MCU (mainly Captain America and Thor), Person of Interest, American Idol, Supernatural, Stargate Atlantis, Smallville & DC Comics, Master & Commander, Wiseguy, Harry Potter, Battle of the Planets, Transformers, X-Men, Dead Zone, Star Trek:TNG, Highlander, Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon, Dracula: the Series, Sherlock Holmes, L.A. Confidential, House M.D., Stargate SG-1, Invisible Man, Sentinel, Entourage, Due South, Buffy, and a whole bunch more.
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All my fanfic and vids are posted on the AO3 at My now-out-of-date website is at My fanfic stories are a pretty good chronology of my fannish experience -- I totally wouldn't remember the order of my fannish history without them.

Personal history

I discovered fandom online in 1994, via the STREK-L mailing list, where I was introduced to Star Trek:TNG discussion and fanfic and later joined the Starfleet Ladies Auxiliary & Embroidery/Baking Society, a private mailing list of female fans, lots of whom wrote fanfic, generally posted under their real names (so I won't link to them unless they set up accounts here under names they want to be linked to :). In RL around this time, I read one of Anne Rice's erotic Sleeping Beauty novels and was all, wow, you can do that, huh? and proceeded to write a really really terrible series of four x-rated stories as the lady of shalott where Picard pretty much had sex with anyone and everyone -- I didn't think of it as slash at the time, though there were m/m pairings involved.

Then I moved on to Transformers fandom, on the USENET group and the TF1 MUSH, and from there to the still-running TF2005 MUSH (the time period seemed like a long way off when it was founded in 1995). Working on MUSHes as a coder, builder, and game-master ate up most of my creative energies, so I pretty much didn't write at all during this time.

After a while I drifted away from MUSHing and in 1996 stumbled on Dracula:the Series fandom via the site Lucard's Home Page, where I rediscovered fanfic and for the first time fanfic posted on the web -- previously it'd been all-text, all-email, all-the-time. I wrote my one and only Mary Sue story and met the LJ user harriet_spy.

From D:tS I went on to a brief stint in Forever Knight fandom, got more into slash at the JADFE archive, wrote a Nick/Lacroix songfic (yes, I HAVE hit every cliche in the book, thank you), then stumbled across to Highlander where in some order I met elynross, who betaed for me for the first time on my first HL story, and then stumbled over some stories by this chick Merry Lynne that were crossovers with a little fandom known as Sentinel.

I basically camped out on SENAD and SXF for the next year and a half, wrote 19 stories, joined Prospect-L and bought the Crossroads zine, wrote my first zine story, and discovered IRC chatting. I also saw my first fanvid.

In 1999, I drifted away from Sentinel eventually after the drowned-Blair ending of season 2 (I think it was s2?) -- they never really got me back in season3 -- and went back to my roots in the land of miniscule and obscure fandoms by getting into the Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon fandom. I wrote a mostly-gen set of stories and made my own little zine out of them <3 and I *think* this year went to my first Escapade.

And this thing is turning into a novel so I am going to stop here for now!