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An uriko (売り子 or 売子, uriko), literally "sales kid", is someone who accompanies a doujinshi circle to a convention to help them with the practical tasks involved in selling doujinshi. Uriko help with carrying, packing, and unpacking boxes of doujinshi, exchange money and doujinshi with fans who have come to buy, and help keep order when a large number of buyers are lining up in front of the circle's space. Large circles are usually most in need of uriko and tend to bring several, but small circles may also invite uriko along for company or to guard the fort when the circle person or persons need to leave their space for any reason.[1] When single-person circles who participate alone without an uriko need to leave their space, they often simply cover the doujinshi on their table with a cloth and/or leave a message to buyers that they will return soon.[2]

Uriko are usually fellow fans and/or friends of the circle who do the work without compensation; many fans consider a relationship of trust between circle and uriko important[3], and circles generally lose or make only very little money while participating in conventions. However, large and busy circles who need their uriko to be able to do real "salesperson" work competently sometimes pay uriko for their assistance.


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