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Synonyms: circle space, SP
See also: doujinshi convention, doujinshi circle, haichi
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In Japanese doujinshi fandom, "space" (スペース, supeesu) is a term for the booth that a doujinshi circle is assigned during a doujinshi convention to sell their fanworks from. A single circle space usually consists of only half of a fold-out table, although some larger circles are assigned a whole table or more, and conventions with more available room may give a whole table to every circle. Conventions generally provide one or two chairs for every space. To make it easy for fans to find a circle's space during crowded conventions, every space is identified with a number, or in the case of larger conventions like Comiket, a number and a letter.

Assigning the right spaces to the right circles (haichi) is an important task for convention organizers: circles who make doujinshi for the same source works and/or the same pairings or characters often need their spaces to be close together, and very popular circles need to get spaces that are roomy enough to accommodate a large amount of stock, the circle person or persons, assistants, and often a small or large crowd of eager fans trying to gather in front of the space. Circles may feel quite territorial about the limited amount of room they are given.[1] It is considered bad manners to infringe upon another circle's space in any way, and circles will often admonish fans who stand in front of a neighboring circle's space while lining up.[2]

Depending on their tastes, circles may simply place their doujinshi on the table surface, bring a nice table covering to brighten things up, or create elaborate displays of doujinshi and decorations.


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