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Synonyms: kabe circle, oote
See also: doujinshi circle
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Oote circle (大手サークル、oote saakuru), literally "major circle", is a term for a doujinshi circle that's extremely popular. This popularity can manifest itself in several ways. The circle probably sells large amounts of doujinshi and may belong to the minority of circles who actually make a profit selling their doujinshi.[1] In doujin shops, the circle's doujinshi may be placed on the shelves in the "doujinshi per author" category, which is reserved for very popular creators, instead of in the regular "per genre" or "per pairing" categories. During doujinshi conventions, the circle may be assigned a space near the walls instead of in a island in the middle of the hall, because the spaces at the walls have enough room in front of them to accommodate large numbers of queueing potential buyers. "Kabe circle" (壁サークル, "kabe saakuru"), meaning "wall circle", has become a synonym for "oote circle" for this reason.[2]


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