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You may be looking for the doujinka that runs the doujinshi circles Nekogami-Dou or Tunnel.

See also: block, haichi, otanjoubi-seki, doujinshi convention
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At doujinshi conventions, a shima (島, shima), literally "island", is an elongated rectangle of tables. Each table or half of a table is a space for one doujinshi circle. The spaces at the corners of a shima are often assigned to circles who are known to be fairly popular; the spaces are the same size as those of the other circles whose spaces are in the lengthwise direction of the shima, but there is more room in front of the end and corner spaces for fans to line up.[1] The spaces located in the lengthwise direction open directly onto the often quite narrow aisle between two shima. Very popular circles are often assigned a space against the wall of the convention hall, rather than inside a shima, because they need even more room for fans to gather in front of the space.

At some conventions, for instance Comiket, two shima are collected into a block that has its own number or character to help fans find their favorite circles.