Universal Constant

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Title: Universal Constant
Publisher: Ashley
Date(s): January 2011
Medium: e-zine
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek (2009) Kirk/Spock
Language: English
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Universal Constant is a semi-annual slash K/S e-zine anthology, with the first issue published in January 2011.

From the LJ page that hosts the e-zine in which the editor explains the concept: "This zine is made up entirely of stories and artwork that focus on the universe established in the 2009 Star Trek reboot film. The works within explore the universe's vast possibilities; not one story is alike. There's pre-slash, first time, and established relationship stories; accidental bondings, birthdays, angst; Kirk and Spock as teenagers and in their old age. The zine is a true presentation of the wonderful variety that authors of K/S are capable of. And let's not forget the art! The art contributors created gorgeous pieces that capture the essence of the Kirk and Spock relationship."

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Jou

Univeral Constant - January 2011

  • My Boy Builds Coffins by waldorph (The one where they hold hands in a forest and people die.)
  • Ctrl Alt Delete by screamlet (One day, there was a landslide.)
  • Compulsion by jaylee_g (Jim develops a fascination with melds, which leads to an accidental [[bonding].)
  • Momentum by lalazee (All Spock needs is a little momentum towards his Captain. And as much as he abhors to admit it, Lieutenant Marlena Moreau is just the person to provide a push - or, when necessary, a punch.)
  • By Your Side by Amanda Warrington (Jim’s lost a lot of things in his life – but there’s one thing he can’t seem to lose even when he tries. Until a certain Vulcan enters his life.)
  • Lush by what_alchemy (Jim wonders if the bond can endure the indignity of aging.)
  • First Flight by 13empress (Jim Kirk is living just fine as a farmhand on a Hold until Pike shows up, practically blackmailing him into becoming a dragonrider. (Pre-slash))
  • Still Life by garryowen (Traumatized by his experience on Tarsus IV, Jim Kirk runs away to Vulcan to undergo kolinahr.)
  • Art:
  • Laying b k_krum
  • Shine by Ashley
  • Adore by k_krum
  • Pon Farr by tripperfunster

Issue 2

Universal Constant 2 was published in September 2011. The cover is by jou.

cover art for issue #2
  • By Design - verizonhorizon (Two businessmen at Enterprise Engineering Corps share lunch, ideas, and a bit of themselves.WARNING: DISCUSSION OF SUICIDE)
  • Trek Fuzz - cannedebonbon (COMIC, a Hot Fuzz crossover)
  • A Thousand Furlongs of Sea - ashkitty (Most people don't travel through time, space, or reality even once in their lives. For certain people, it's becoming a habit.)
  • Royalty - mrhd (with art by cannedebonbon (On a Vulcan that's ruled by one royal family, the son and heir finds support in an unlikely source, a human.)
  • Trees Against the Sky - zjofierose (When Spock is critically injured in a crash on a strange planet, who is going to save him? And what on Vulcan is a strange, abandoned human doing here?)
  • Backstage Pass - nix_this (ART)
  • as your days stretch out across the sun (we wait to see just what we will become) - betweenthebliss (In this AU based on Raymond Chandler's The Long Goodbye, Spock is a private investigator, and Jim Kirk is the beautifully wounded man he can't seem to write off as just another sad story. When Jim comes to Spock for help in skipping town, Spock can't bring himself to say no-- but can he really be so sure Jim is innocent of his alleged crime? WARNING: MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH)
  • Interrupted - swordsart (ART)
  • Exposition/Coda - scraplove (with artwork by medicatedmaniac (Jim and Spock meet at Ernie Davis University, study music, and fall in love.)
  • Axo/Iso - carouselcycles (Lauded as an architectural genius, Jim has always had it easy. But when he starts working for Spock, he gets a lot more than he bargained for.)